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Candy-Colored Engagement Rings - Statements of Love

Candy-Colored Engagement Rings - Statements of Love

We often meet customers who eschew the traditional diamond in favor of a more non-traditional option – gemstones of limitless colors. Browse our Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings collection.

In the vintage heirloom collection at Isadoras, we have an amazing assortment of beautiful, bold, candy-colored gemstone rings that can easily transition from right-hand rings to engagement rings.

 It is possible to find a heftier gemstone priced lower than a diamond of the same weight, which works well for those on a budget. Explore our gemstone rings online, and take a look at our Cocktail Rings collection for an even broader selection of non-traditional engagement rings.

For those who like a statement piece, cocktail rings are not only fun to try on, but they are a great engagement ring option. Many midcentury cocktail rings were made with beautiful gemstones, such as citrine, smoky quartz, zircon, and tourmaline – to name just a few.

In the world of antique and vintage jewelry, your engagement ring options are limitless!! 


If you have any questions, you can reach our knowledgeable staff at 206.441.7711, or e-mail Isadoras Antique Jewelry at
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