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Telling Your Own Story with Antique Jewelry

Telling Your Own Story with Antique Jewelry

Whether consciously or not, we all externally project our own mythologies.

You might express yourself with Georgian diamond dangle earrings, a plique-a-jour brooch, six layered antique chains, or your grandmother's engraved locket - which you vow to wear every day.

You are curating a look that incorporates the jewelry of another's life, but in this moment, it becomes your story.

Your antique jewelry choices author your narrative - telling a story that others will remember.


Jewelry is a key component of your visual identity, as both an expression of beauty and an acceptance of an artistic aesthetic that speaks to you on a deeply personal level.


It tells your story to a passerby, offers a piece of your psyche to someone who may never truly know you.  And the true beauty is that you wear your jewelry the way you want to, the way that brings your story to life.


When you choose a one-of-a-kind antique piece to express yourself, you a create a personal sensibility that is uniquely descriptive of your own expression.

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