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The Floral Motif in Jewelry

The Floral Motif in Antique Jewelry

 Flowers are one of the most common motifs in jewelry, which is not surprising. It is our natural desire to replicate nature’s ephemeral beauty in enduring works of art.

Each piece of lovely, floral-themed jewelry from the antique heirloom collection at Isdaoras is special – reflecting the spirit of the era in which it was created. 


Victorian Era

In the Victorian Era, lovers were obsessed with secret languages assigned to love tokens. Flowers were assigned specific meanings. For example, a daisy meant innocence, while a sunflower indicated adoration.


Art Nouveau Era

In the Art Nouveau Era, stylized flowers were once again popular; designs were curvaceous and whimsical. Flowers never used in jewelry before became the norm – water lilies, fuchsias, and poppies. The Art Nouveau genre also paid homage to animals including birds, dragonflies and butterflies.


Art Deco Era

Art Deco design decried flowing lines and adopted cubism. However, many designs of the time still included flowers. Below, this stunning Pools of Light necklace features a silver floral motif encircling each rock crystal orb.

Art Deco Pools of Light Necklace


Retro Era

In the Retro Era, floral motifs flourished – but with a difference. Jewelers now incorporated movement. Big, chunky jewelry often featured articulated petals and leaves – though bolder and less realistic. 


Midcentury Era

After WWII, fashion returned to femininity. Midcentury jewelry was open, airy, and textural. Flowers were a popular motif often emphasized by gemstones. The below fantastic 18KT gold 1950s bracelet epitomizes all those qualities. 


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