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Celestial Antique Jewelry - Cosmic Motifs

Celestial Antique Jewelry - Cosmic Motifs

This Fall, the universe will find itself in alignment with the desires of antique jewelry lovers everywhere. The latest craze? Cosmic motifs! Whether it be moons, stars, or planets, Isadoras has a sparkling collection of celestial antique pieces that celebrate the tangible connection between earth and sky. The moonstone, considered to be a corporeal moonbeam, elegantly illuminates this spectacular Victorian diamond halo ring. moonstone-diamond-ring These Retro-Era chandelier earrings feature rose gold shooting stars sparkling with 1.44 diamond carats! IM0917-star-dangle-earrings This stunning Victorian ring features the perfect foil of gold against blue - stars melting into the morning sky. enamel-pearl-diamond-ring Diamond-accented 18KT gold planets dangle from fancy link chains. The effect? Out of this world! planet-earrings A sliver of moon depicted in diamonds, this Victorian brooch symbolizes a new relationship and a lover's desire that it will morph into marriage. crescent-moon-diamond-brooch Steal a star from the heavens to wear near your heart. This 15KT gold Victorian locket features a burst of rose-cut diamonds. gold-diamond-star-locket

"The sky is filled with stars invisible by day." ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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