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Bold Beauty - The Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

Bold Beauty - The Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

Bashful? No.

Daring? Yes.

Trendsetter? Of course!

Finding the perfect non-traditional engagement ring is all about discovering the extraordinary and pairing it with your unique personality.


Bucking the traditional makes selecting a non-traditional engagement ring so much fun.


We love helping our clients find that one-of-a-kind piece. Whether you are looking for colorful gems, or shapes that differ from the classic diamond engagement ring, we have amazing antique pieces – each with their own charisma and style.

And the best part? No two pieces will ever be alike.

There are never absolute rules when it comes to selecting a non-traditional engagement ring – the journey is all about what speaks to you and brings you joy.

We love the splendor and sparkle of midcentury cocktail rings – they make fabulous non-traditional engagement rings that are spectacular statement pieces as well.

We know that choosing an engagement ring is an individual process, so we encourage you to browse our website and visit our store to a get an up-close and personal tour of our heirloom collection of antique rings.

Each piece of antique jewelry has a distinct personality, and we would love to assist you in finding the non-traditional engagement ring that reflects your own personal style.

Visit us at Isadoras and try all your favorite rings on!

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