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A different band for a different engagement ring

Often we, at Isadoras, have a couple choose a unique engagement ring that they adore and then grow nervous as they realize it doesn't nest with a wedding band the way a contemporary ring would. But please, if the engagement ring you love does not sit as expected with a wedding band, do not be discouraged. We are not obligated to the 1950's conception of a traditional wedding set. There are a multitude of ways to wear and love our rings.

1.  It is not necessary for your rings to be flush and in fact a little space can make your individual rings shine brighter. Just because there is some space between your engagement ring and your wedding band doesn't mean they don't look lovely together. Particularly when you pair pieces from a similar era and aesthetic.

vintage diamond wedding set

2.  Sometimes overlapped rings are lovely. My co-worker wears an enormous aquamarine cocktail ring for her engagement ring. Rather than have her wedding band trace her ring, she actually slides it under the center stone, allowing it to peek out on both sides. It is a very neat look.

vintage non-traditional wedding set

3.  Own a wedding band and an engagement ring, but wear them on alternating days. I happened to fall in love with a wedding band that in no way matched my engagement ring so depending on my mood I wear either my engagement ring or my wedding band.

vintage alternative wedding ring antique wedding band

4.  Wear your rings on two different hands. In Western culture the wedding band is traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand but there are other cultures that put the wedding band on the third finger of the right hand, the thumb and in China the middle finger of the left hand.

non traditional engagement ring vintage diamond wedding band

5.  Let one ring symbolize both engagement ring and wedding band.

vintage alternative engagement ring

A Note:  We have had client's consider having a contemporary custom band made to nest perfectly with an engagement ring. While a custom made band may sit perfectly with your ring it make not look as perfect as you expect. The techniques for creating jewelry are different today and though the rings may have the same aspects they may look like apples and oranges aesthetically. Also many antique rings have a very feminine look. By adding a band that becomes an extension of the ring you may make the ring look bulky when the very thing that drew you to it in the first place was its daintiness.