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Investment Worthiness

Antique Jewelry –Not Just Pretty Baubles

Jewelry is a funny and fantastic thing. It is rare you have something that is sublimely decorative, fantastically sentimental and also a hard, cold commodity. But there you have it. That is jewelry--good jewelry. And so, while most of our website will talk about the two things we are most passionate about, the decorative and the sentimental, we want to take a moment to talk about antique jewelry’s value on a more monetary level. We would like to share our perspective, conclusions we have come to after forty years spent in the jewelry business--hopefully without over inundating you.

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The Forbes quote come from “Rocks Solid” Forbes December 2008 by Stephanie Cooperman.

There are of course the non-commodity reasons for buying an antique piece, some of which may have propelled you to our site.

  1. The beauty of antique pieces.
  2. The originality. No one will have a piece quite like yours
  3. The history. The joy of having a piece of jewelry that has a connection to the past. 
  4. The ecological benefits. Mining for gemstones and metals has a horrible impact on the environment. By buying an old piece of jewelry you are engaging in high end recycling.
  5. The ethical benefits. The diamond and gemstone trade are notoriously bloody, with money going to fund vile political and rebel regimes. Buying an old stone is a way to avoid funding regimes you don’t believe in.

But you probably know about all that. What you want to know about is the value.

If you love antique jewelry for some or all of the reasons above, you are in luck. An antique piece of jewelry is not only a wonderful purchase, for all the reasons listed above, it is a great investment.

Shortly after the United States recent financial crises, Forbes Magazine featured Art Deco jewelry on its cover. They wrote, “high-quality jewelry-as-art also holds hard-times appeal because it’s collectible and classic. The stones have value in and of themselves; they have their romance and legacy. There’s plenty of room in a diversified portfolio for things other than stocks and bonds”.

And that is the wonderful thing. Antique jewelry's value as a commodity comes from its metal and stones, as well as its provenance and craftsmanship. Which is why, in purchasing an antique piece of jewelry, you can feel confident you have chosen something beautiful, sentimental and of great worth.

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