Isadoras antique jewelry

Independently Appraised

Why Independence Matters

It is difficult when purchasing jewelry on the web to feel confident that you are getting the piece presented to you. An independent jewelry appraisal can give you that confidence.

A jewelry appraisal verifies the features of a piece of jewelry. It also values the jewelry’s monetary worth. It is a legal document that can be held up in a court of law, signed by a certified appraiser.

Why an independent appraisal? While many jewelry stores use an in-house appraiser to appraise their jewelry, we choose not to. We want to make sure the person appraising our jewelry has no vested interest in its price. When we use an independent appraiser, we are allowing an outside, objective party to determine the price of our jewelry.

We use North American Gem Lab to do our appraisals.

We are sometimes asked why we choose to offer an appraisal rather than a G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) certificate. A G.I.A. certificate analyzes the stones, but not the entire piece of jewelry. With some antique pieces the stone is the most significant part of the jewelry, but with many pieces the jewelry’s craftsmanship or provenance holds equal or greater value. An appraisal values the entire piece of jewelry, not only the center stones.

An additional reason we choose to offer an appraisal rather than a GIA certification, is that the G.I.A. has to remove stones from their setting in order to certify them. With an antique piece, our motto is "do no harm." We want the piece to be as authentic as when it was made (as possible), which includes not removing and remounting the center stone.