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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions


We welcome everyone into Isadoras and strive to offer the most genuine experience while shopping in our store or online. We do so by offering our expertise and a breathtaking selection of one-of-a-kind vintage and antique pieces, always remembering that our client’s happiness is the essence of our business.

What is the difference between antique and estate jewelry?
Antique jewelry is at least 100 years old. Estate jewelry is jewelry that has been owned previously. We carry both antique and estate jewelry. The majority of our jewelry dates from the 1830s through the 1970s.

Do you sell reproductions?
No. We do not sell reproduction jewelry. We have made a firm commitment to preserving the future and the past. Antique jewelry is a consumer-conscious alternative for people trying to avoid not only conflict diamonds, but also diamonds, gemstones, and even precious metals that are mined in such a way that their procurement has a deleterious effect on the environment. By purchasing an antique ring, you make an investment in the future, both yours and the world's. You also preserve the past by curating and loving jewelry that has been around, in many cases, longer than you have.

How do I find out more about a piece I am looking at? We invite you to call or email us at any time. We enjoy sharing what we know about our heirloom pieces. Contact us at 206-441-7711 or

Do you know the history of any of these pieces? We do not know the history of any particular piece. However, we are able to share information on the time period, fashion, and history that informed and inspired the various pieces of jewelry in our store.

Do your pieces have appraisals?
Many of our pieces have appraisals. The appraisal’s hardcopy becomes yours when you purchase the piece.

Do you do your own appraisals?
We use an outside appraiser, North American Gem Lab (N.A.G.L.).

Do you appraise outside pieces?
We are happy to send pieces to N.A.G.L. for our clients.

How is age and value verified?
For pieces with an appraisal, the appraiser verifies age and value. For pieces without appraisal, the owner, Laura Dalesandro, uses over 45 years experience in the antique jewelry business to determine age and value.

Where does your store obtain your jewelry?
We attend antique shows throughout the country. We work with European, East Coast, and West Coast dealers. We also buy and consign from people like you.

Do you buy jewelry?
Yes, we buy jewelry. We look for older pieces, which generally predate the 1950s. We look for pieces with high craftsmanship that are in excellent condition. Please call or email us if you have pieces you are interested in selling.

Do you sell antique mountings?
Although we do not maintain a collection of antique mountings, we have access to an exquisite selection of mountings ranging from the Victorian through Retro eras. If you are interested in exploring this option please contact us and we will help you begin the hunt for the perfect setting for your stone.

Do you use ‘Conflict Free Diamonds?’
Conflict diamonds are sold to fund the unlawful and illegal operations of rebel, military, and terrorist groups. By selling diamonds that are previously owned, we are selling diamonds that predate both conflict and conflict-free diamonds and are therefore not contributing monetarily to any political conflict, past or present.

Do you do repairs?
We have a wonderful jeweler that handles sizing and repairs for us. We are happy to send out pieces for our clients.

Can your rings be sized?
Over 90 percent of our rings can be sized. Please contact us to find out about the ring you are interested in.

Do you size rings?
Although we do not have an in-store jeweler, we work closely with a wonderful jeweler who specializes in antique jewelry and its restoration. We are always happy to send out a piece for you.

Why do jewelers sometimes recommend not fixing older pieces?
Some jewelers do not have the proper equipment or training to repair older pieces of jewelry. This, however, is not true of all jewelers. We work with a jeweler who specializes in antique jewelry and its restoration.

How do I check on the status of a repair?
Call or email us and we will contact our jeweler to assess the status of a repair.

General Questions

Is my credit card and email information safe?
Isadoras holds your privacy in the highest regards. We take all the appropriate and reasonable safeguards to protect any personally identifiable information that you supply to us.

I can’t find an item I saw recently. What happened to it?
We are constantly updating our website. If an item is not where you last saw it, it may have simply been moved to another page, or it may have sold and we have removed it to make way for new pieces. Please contact us if you cannot find a piece you are interested in and we will let you know if it is still available.

Something I want is sold. Can you obtain another?
While our pieces may have had a copy in the era in which they were constructed, in this era they are virtually one-of-a-kind. Although we cannot find you an identical piece, please let us know if there is a sold piece you love and we will try and find a piece that equals or surpasses the one you first discovered.

How do I track my order?
We will email your tracking number when your package is posted. Please email or call us if you feel you should have received a tracking number but have not. (Please note we do not ship on Saturdays or Sundays except by special arrangement.)

Do you have a store that I can visit?
Isadoras is located in downtown Seattle, Washington near the historic Pike Place Market. Our address is:

1601 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

We are located on the corner of 1st Ave and Pine. We are part of the Inn at the Market complex.

What are your business hours?
We are open Monday through Saturday 11-6 PST. We are open Sundays 11-5 PST.

Do you have sales and special events?
We have wonderful sales and special events. Please join our mailing list to be notified about all the exciting things going on at Isadoras.

Do you have a mailing list I can join?
Please email us at to join our mailing list.
(We will never sell your address and we promise not to over-inundate you.)