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Eras: EDWARDIAN (1901-1915)

The Edwardian era began when Prince Edward became King Edward VII in 1901. Known as the Belle Epoque era in France, it was one of the most feminine, beautiful and opulent jewelry eras.

In fashion, women wore feminine clothing accented with feathers, bows, lace and silk. Their jewelry was made to compliment.

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This is when platinum truly came into vogue, as jewelers finally recognized platinum's beauty and versatility. Filigree became a favored motif as jewelers crafted platinum into mountings that looked like delicate lace sparkling with diamond and pearls for a sumptuous white on white look.

Also popular were negligee, choker and sautoir necklaces, as were designs featuring jeweled ribbons, tassels, circles and stars. Unlike the Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau movements, the Edwardian era was all about the highly precious-- featuring Old Mine Cut and Old European Cut diamonds and beautiful creamy pearls.

This period ended with the beginning of World War I.