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Jewelry Myth 1: Antique Jewelry is more fragile than new jewelry.

Antique jewelry is just as sturdy, if not sturdier than modern pieces. Fine jewelry, when properly cared for, can last, not just a lifetime, but multiple lifetimes. It is why it is called heirloom jewelry. It is jewelry that will endure multiple generations.

Jewelry Myth 2: Antique Jewelry dealers buy their pieces from estate sales and pawnshops.

We do not buy our jewelry from estate sales or pawnshops. We work with dealers in Europe and the United States to find our unique treasures. We also work with individuals looking for a home for their heirloom pieces.

Jewelry Myth 3: Old Jewelry has bad juju.

Just like with old homes, there is a beauty in continuity, in the knowledge that a piece of jewelry has traversed multiple generations. We in fact think this is good juju. And when, on the rare occasion, we feel a piece is a little bit off, we choose not to carry it, just like we would choose not to live in a home that has an off putting vibe.

We also feel there is a grace in side stepping both the environmental implications of mining for gold as well as the ethical ramifications of investing money in blood diamonds that were mined at the expense of people’s lives.

Opals are bad luck.

I often hear people worry that opals are a bad luck stone. This is simply not true. During the Victorian era, opal mining was a British Industry as opals originated in Australia. France spread the opal bad luck myth to hurt their rival country’s opal trade. Please, if you love opals, wear them with complete confidence.

antique opal rings Four Beautiful Vintage Opal Rings

Diamonds are the only gemstone hard enough to be an engagement ring.

Diamonds are one of the hardest things on earth. And while no other gemstone is as hard as a diamond almost nothing is. There are a multitude of gemstones that can be worn for a lifetime. For more on gemstone hardness, check out our article on the Moh’s Scale.

Antique Earrings are Never Pierced.

While pierced ears have drifted in and out of fashion, women have been piercing their ears for hundreds of years and many antique earrings are pierced. (Also for those who prefer a pierced earring, most screw back or clip back earrings can be converted to post.)

Zircons are Artificial Stones.

Because the words zircon and zirconium are very similar, many people think they are the same thing. This is a misconception. Zircon is a stunning precious gemstone. Zirconium is an artificial gemstone, emulating a zircon or a diamond.

vintage zircon jewelry Vintage Zircon Ring, Necklace and Bracelet

Antique Jewelry is Old Fashioned.

Sure there is antique jewelry that is fussy and old fashioned looking, but this is not the majority. Antique jewelry is often modern, unique and exotic. Also it has already stood fashion's test of time. Think about how dated many rings from the 1980’s look already while a piece from the 1920’s still looks timelessly chic.

Reproduction Antique Rings and Authentically Antique Rings are Essentially the Same Thing.

Reproduction antique rings and authentically antique rings do not look, appraise or appreciate the same. The jewelry techniques of today are different than those of yesteryear and a machine cannot match the craftsmanship of a handmade antique ring. This is why an antique piece of jewelry appraisers better and appreciates in a way a reproduction piece cannot.

For more about the difference between reproduction and authentic jewelry, please check out our article on Authenticity