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Victorian Gemstone Acrostic "REGARD" Ring

SKU A24828
Circa 1850. This beautiful 15KT yellow Victorian ring features a gemstone acrostic. Bezel set within the ring are six gemstone cabochons and a rose-cut diamond that spell out the word REGARD, using Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby, and Diamond, to represent each letter. This type of ring was introduced in 1809 and became quite popular - often used as an avowal of love. This ring is delicate and must be treated with care.

This petite ring measures 7.5mm across the top. The shank is 5.5mm tapering to 1.5mm at the bottom of the shank. The ring is currently a size 4. It is delicate and can be slightly sized, please inquire.

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