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The Inspirational Power of Strong Women

The Inspirational Power of Strong Women

As we journey forward, we look to our namesake Isadora Duncan, and many other invincible women for inspiration - leaders, innovators, creators, and teachers. Like an Expressionist painter, art and inspiration flows through us; we convey our world vision via our own emotional perspective. expressionist-painting-inspirational-women Our self-expression - whether it be avant-garde fashion, power dressing, or statement jewelry - is the armor we adorn ourselves with, which represents our individual perspectives and aesthetic freedom. creative-self-expression-inspiration-women Jewelry is a key component of our visual identity, as both an expression of beauty and an artistic aesthetic that speaks to us on a deeply personal level. bohemian-jewelry-style-inspiration-women Your antique jewelry choices author your narrative – telling a story others will remember. antique-jewelry-narrative-inspirational-women  Let us bring all our stories to life, as we march ahead - strong, free-spirited women with a drumbeat all our own. our-own-drumbeat More than ever, we encourage you to express your independent self – celebrate that wild woman within!

Peace & Love, The Isadoras Women

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