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  • For Mom, With Love!


    Mother’s Day will be here soon and we cannot wait to honor the commitment, dedication, love and support of moms everywhere. 

    Each mother is a work of art in her own right. Celebrate her love and grace with a one-of-a-kind gift from Isadoras antique heirloom collection.

    Naturally, we adore our mothers and love to spoil them!  So, with these thoughts in mind, we have gathered an exceptional selection of antique treasures for the mom in your life.

    This collection represents just a few of our latest arrivals from Europe. Enjoy!




    Top Left:  French 18KT Gold & Pearl Earrings, A22887

    Top Right:  Midcentury Diamond Swirl Earrings, BV0550

    Bottom Left:  Victorian Silver Respousse Earrings, A22840

    Bottom Right:  Late Victorian Diamond Cluster Earrings, A22983




    Top Left:  Victorian Opal & Diamond Linear Ring, A22505

    Top Right:  Midcentury Polish Diamond Ring, A20347

    Bottom Left:  1890s Diamond & Ruby Halo Ring, A23076

    Bottom Right:  Victorian Citrine & Seed Pearl Band, A19662




    Top Left:  Late Victorian Silver & Rose Gold Engraved Bangle, A20403

    Top Right:  Midcentury Pierced Gold Bracelet, CH0607

    Bottom Left:  Victorian French Bangle with Fleur-De-Lis Accents, A22170

    Bottom Right:  Midcentury Coiled Snake Bracelet, A23049

    Love you, Mom!!

  • Celestial Antique Jewelry - Cosmic Motifs



    This Fall, the universe will find itself in alignment with the desires of antique jewelry lovers everywhere. The latest craze? Cosmic motifs!

    Whether it be moons, stars, or planets, Isadoras has a sparkling collection of celestial antique pieces that celebrate the tangible connection between earth and sky.


    The moonstone, considered to be a corporeal moonbeam, elegantly illuminates this spectacular Victorian diamond halo ring.


    These Retro-Era chandelier earrings feature rose gold shooting stars sparkling with 1.44 diamond carats!



    This stunning Victorian ring features the perfect foil of gold against blue - stars melting into the morning sky.



    Diamond-accented 18KT gold planets dangle from fancy link chains. The effect? Out of this world!



    A sliver of moon depicted in diamonds, this Victorian brooch symbolizes a new relationship and a lover's desire that it will morph into marriage.



    Steal a star from the heavens to wear near your heart. This 15KT gold Victorian locket features a burst of rose-cut diamonds.


    "The sky is filled with stars invisible by day."
    ~  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  • Vintage Jewelry Intensifies Oscar Night Glamour

    new headerWe cannot get enough of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood's biggest night!


    The dreamy dazzle of the designer gowns and the over-the-top amazing jewelry is our favorite part of the Oscars (oh, and don’t forget the speeches).


    For decades, celebrities have chosen to accessorize with stunning jewelry on Oscar night. Today, the tradition often gracefully nods to the past with exceptional antique jewelry that stands leagues above 21st Century modern pieces, in both innate beauty and rarity.

    oscars-old-hollywood Loretta Young, Norma Shearer, Vivien Leigh



    We adore the lavish vintage Bulgari bib necklace that Keira Knightly wore to the 2009 Oscars. The Art Deco zipper necklace that Margo Robbie donned for the Oscars in 2015 took 12 years to make, and was commissioned by the Duchess of Windsor. The necklace is fully functional, and when zipped up can be worn as a bracelet.




    At the 2009 Academy Awards, Taraji P. Henson wore an amazing 19th century diamond flower necklace by Fred Leighton. And, in 2000, Hilary Swank stunned with a $250,000 necklace that was originally crafted for one of Queen Victoria’s daughters in 1890 (and converts into a tiara!).




    Antique jewels are popular on the red carpet because they are one-of-a-kind. When you wear vintage jewelry, it is utterly impossible for anyone to emulate your look.


    We cannot wait to see which memorable vintage glam pieces will dazzle us from the red carpet this year!!


    Each unique piece of antique jewelry in the stunning heirloom collection at Isadoras holds a history that deepens the character and adds a sense of mystery.


    Visit our store in Pike Place Market, or browse online to see all of the exquisite Oscar-worthy antique pieces you will find only at Isadoras.

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