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Pieces of the Week: Pearl Jewelry


We have always loved pearls, but our adoration for them has grown to outrageous levels thanks to the amazing pieces in our heirloom collection.


For us at Isadoras, pearl jewelry has always had in place in our lives – whether it was a simple strand worn as a young girl, or sweet, classic pearl studs that paired perfectly with any ensemble.


Pearls have long been desired by cultures around the world. In the Roman Empire, these “jewels of the sea” were a luxurious status symbol; in the 17th and 18th centuries pearls adorned lavish pieces that were often displayed in a provocative manner; later the gems embellished sentimental 19th century jewelry, expressing love or sometimes grief.


We take pleasure in the truly exotic, spirited beauty of vintage pearls, which are so very alive; you can feel their warm luster against your skin.


The antique pearl jewelry at Isadoras is truly exquisite – rare, distinctive pieces that have their own stories to tell, stories we may never know, but that we hold dear as an integral part of the pearl’s enduring mystery and grace.



Top:  Victorian Peacock Necklace

Bottom Left:  Antique Turquoise Seed Pearl Ring

Bottom Right:  Victorian Pearl Diamond Enamel Ring



Top:  Victorian Diamond Baroque Pearl Necklace

Bottom Left:  French Pearl Diamond Ring

Bottom Right:  Midcentury Diamond & Pearl Earrings



Top:  Victorian Diamond Pearl Pendant

Bottom Left:  Deco Pearl Diamond Ring

Bottom Right:  Victorian Horseshoe Pearl Necklace


...and a very intriguing pearl piece from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. 1

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  • Urushi

    So white, so shiny - nothing could compare the beauty of pearls. Pearls also have different colors and I like them all though white is already perfect. This jewelry is one of the proven evidence how beautiful earth is.

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