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Men's Vintage Rings - Women Love Them, Too!

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Men's antique rings are a hot topic in the store as of late. Our male customers have been gravitating toward vintage signet, coin, and bloodstone rings, not to mention our engraved bands.


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Top Left:  c. 1890 Bloodstone 18KT Ring

Top Right:  Men's Estate Diamond Wedding Band

Lower Left:  Victorian Gypsy-Set Diamond Ring

Lower Right:  Victorian Owl Coin Ring

All these amazing rings are perfect gift ideas for the man who loves jewelry.


However, rings that are often categorized for a man, look equally stunning on a woman’s hand. Many of our female customers look to men’s jewelry when they are buying that unique right-hand, pinky, or even wedding ring.


Our gorgeous men’s rings have a strength and bearing that make them desirable for either gender. And, while antique jewelry was crafted for a specific gender in the past, we do not confine ourselves to such constraints today.


Men’s rings are no longer just for men. Women love them, too!


A signet ring is the classic pinky ring for a man or a woman. And while you may not automatically think of wearing a pinky ring – they do have a certain flair that is fun, trendy, and expressive.


A coin ring makes a wonderful statement piece for either gender, and often contains collectible antique currency.




A lion ring, shining with fierceness and beauty, looks strong on a man, but is an amazing cocktail ring (or everyday ring) for a woman.  Our last few lion rings have been purchased by women!4-2


A wide wedding band, while perfect for the groom, makes a terrific stacking option for the bride.


A chunky gemstone ring with lapis or bloodstone, has a classic vibe that looks impressive on both men and women.  Women look great wearing the larger rings on their first or middle fingers - the size proportion is perfect.




Please see below for some of our favorite classic rings that are easily interchangeable between genders.

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 Top:  14KT Gold Coin Ring

Lower Left:  Midcentury 14KT Gold Lapis Ring

Lower Right:  Retro Men's Wedding Band



Top:  Victorian Men's Bloodstone Ring

Lower Left:  Circa 1970s Lion Head Ring

Lower Right:  Midcentury Lapis Ring

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