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  • Follow Your Inner Moonlight - Pushing the Boundaries with Antique Jewelry

    Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.                                                                         - Allen Ginsberg



    I saw her on a Saturday afternoon, walking crisply through the park. Her muted face projected a stony solemnity. I would be unable to conjure the details of her nose or eyes, only seconds later. Rather, I was seized by the sun glinting off the long strands of gold wound in slim skeins around her neck - pouring down the front of her purple sweater. Each finger was adorned with  gorgeous candy-colored gemstone rings – yet her hands did not harbor the weight; they fluttered at her sides with more emotion than her austere mouth, bangles sighing gently.

    In that moment, I fell in love with the way she wore her jewelry.


    How do you wear your antique jewelry?


    Do you carefully wear one piece at-a-time?

    Do you love to wear the same piece every day?

    Do you wait until a special occasion to bring out your favorite piece?

    Or, do you mix it up?


    Whatever your style - follow your inner moonlight.


    Allow the passion for your antique jewelry to guide you, portray you, emphasize your persona and your passion for life.


    Instead of wearing one diamond eternity band, why not wear three? Instead of wearing a solo French chain, why not add a locket or a fob and add a shorter articulated niello chain for contrast?


    Wear pearls and diamonds during the day; mix metals, and colors and eras.



    I asked a friend what pushing the boundaries of personal expression meant to her in relation to her own jewelry collection. She told me that she tended to wear pieces that expressed her mood.

    A sense of happiness spawned more gold and glamour than those days when she felt less than herself. And the pieces she gravitated towards more often were the pieces given to her with love.



    Whatever your style - be true to who you are.


    Marchesa Luisa Casati was known for saying that she wished to be considered a living work of art. She dressed over-the-top, threw lavish costume parties, and was partial to strings of pearls that fell to her feet. She followed her inner moonlight nearly all of her adult life.

    Edith Sitwell was a poet famous for her strong personality punctuated by an acerbic wit, odd Elizabethan style of dress, and ornate rings.


    Whatever your style – don’t hide the madness.


  • 2016 Runway Jewelry Trends - Timeless Vintage Glamour



    Have you noticed how fashion, jewelry, and design trends evolve over time and then recycle themselves?


    This year, current runway jewelry trends include interesting, eye-catching pieces whose vintage counterparts trended decades ago and yet are still relevant today - proof that design styles never truly disappear, they simply regenerate.


    As a testament to the very cyclical nature of change, we will share with you how easy it is to eloquently select antique and vintage pieces to represent 2016 designer trends.


    Honoring vintage and antique jewelry is a wonderful way to respect the past and its everlasting connection to the future, while creating your own style.


    Below, we chose six of the latest jewelry trends that made a statement on the runway to view through a vintage lens.


    1.  Bountiful Brooches

    2016 brings the brooch back and allows it to shine. Whether pinned traditionally, or worn in unique ways - adorning the updo, lavished on a lapel - the brooch is elegant with a dash of cool.


    The brooch collection at Isadoras is vibrant and distinct. We make it easy for you to find a brooch that fits your style.



    2.  Evocative Earrings

    This year, earrings on the runway are all about unique color and shape – any shade, any size. Shoulder-grazing, spidery filigree designs are admired just as much as the more classic, colorful orbs.


    Our vintage and antique earring collection is phenomenal! From subtle silhouettes, to fun, fantastic shapes – we have the colors and designs that make it hard to decide which pair to wear.



    3.  Cultured Collarbone Necklaces

    The collarbone necklace is an incredible piece of jewelry that can stand on its own, yet packs a punch when paired with a choker or a locket. 2016 collarbone necklaces run the gamut from bold pendants to elegantly pretty.


    Whether you keep it simple, or love to layer, the collarbone necklace gives you a myriad of opportunities to make your antique jewelry the star.



    4.  Soothing Silver

    Silver is that versatile metal that can play with almost everyone and looks good doing it. And in 2016, its sleekness is celebrated, while gold waits in the wings.


    Silver is striking when accented with diamonds and gemstones, or simply stunning on its own. Layer textures of various pieces and follow where your imagination takes you.



    5.  Bold Bracelets & Bangles

    Whether worn alone or stacked, the bold bracelet is a 2016 trend that allows you to be conservative, or to go all out to your heart’s content. Either option reflects your artistic license.


    Bangles and bracelets are beautiful and so much fun to stack for effect, or wear alone for impact. Do not be shy about mixing colors, eras, and textures!



    6.  Long Necklaces

    For 2016, the long necklace is all about the dramatic – more is better.

    Layering sets the scene, and creates an eye-catching landscape where no rules apply.


    Long necklaces are lovely and dramatic. We love to pair them with the unexpected – or simply wear them solo.



    All the unique and exciting jewelry featured above has been photographed from the heirloom collection at Isadoras.


    Stop by and visit us in-store to take a closer look (and try pieces on!), or review the collection at your leisure online.


    If you have any questions, you can reach our knowledgeable staff at 206.441.7711, or e-mail Isadoras Antique Jewelry at








  • Piece of the Week: Vintage Cufflinks

    POTW Vintage Cufflinks

    Cufflinks have always been a beautiful way to wear your heart on your sleeve.


    Not surprisingly, the evolution of the cufflink can be directly tied to the history of the men’s shirt. But their effect on fashion touches womenswear too.


    Cufflinks were originally designed for noblemen. In the seventeenth century, cufflinks, or “sleeve buttons” replaced the ribbon as a means to keep a cuff closed. Because these buttons were so much more interesting than a boring string, their popularity soared.


    In the Georgian Era, cufflinks were ornate and expensive and often featured a miniature painting on quartz.


    The Victorian Era saw the evolution of the modern sleeve cuff. Victorians loved the formality of a stiffly starched cuff, which made cufflinks a necessity, since it was hard to get a button through the starched fabric.

    Victorian cufflinks were made with less expensive materials like paste and lower-priced gems, in order to be affordable for middle class men and women. The Victorian moss agate cufflinks below are a perfect example. 

    Victorian Agate Moss Cufflinks


    The popularity of cufflinks has waxed and waned over time with the flow of fashion. Today, cufflinks are still worn by men and women everywhere. They are an easy way to express your personality and your style.


    The cufflinks from Isadoras antique heirloom collection tell the tale of a time gone by, when cufflinks were the norm for both sexes and not only served a function, but were an integral part of the current fashion.


    Vintage cufflinks not only add an element of sophistication to any ensemble, they are a fun addition to other pieces in your own heirloom jewelry collection.


    Greta Garbo sports classic round cufflinks with her white shirt.

    Greta Garbo Round Cufflinks Anton Michelsen Sterling Cufflinks


    Below left, Coco Chanel wears cufflinks. On the right is a current design by Carolina Herrera.

    Coco Chanel, Carolina Herrera


    The cufflinks in this backless French cuffed shirt are understated and refined.

    Vintage Cufflinks Vintage Mexican Sterling Cufflinks


    Cufflinks are a wonderful way to assert your own style and personality against the canvas of a white shirt.

    Fun Cufflinks White Shirt Vintage Mexican Sterling Silver Cufflinks


    Below, find a selection of vintage cufflinks from the heirloom collection at Isadoras.

    Come visit us in-store to take a first-hand look, or explore our cufflink collection online.


    Vintage Cufflinks1

    Top:  Georg Jensen Sterling Cufflinks

    Bottom:  Vintage Amber Men's Cufflinks


    Vintage Cufflinks3

    Top:  Vintage Peacock 10KT Cufflinks

    Bottom:  Vintage Silver Horse Cufflinks


    Vintage Cufflinks3

    Top:  c. 1950 14KT White Gold Cufflinks

    Bottom:  Vintage Taxco Lizard Cufflinks


    Vintage Cufflinks4

    Top:  Art Nouveau 14KT Cufflinks

    Bottom:  Vintage Silver Gold Cufflinks


    Vintage Cufflinks4

    Top:  Oversized Sterling Roman Profile Cufflinks

    Bottom:  Vintage Egyptian Motif Cufflinks

    If you have any questions, you can reach our knowledgeable staff at 206.441.7711, or e-mail Isadoras Antique Jewelry at

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