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    From the very moment she saw the gems nestled within the antique leather box, she has been drawn to the distinctive diamonds in her engagement ring. She is constantly stunned by their unique glitter – sparkling for over 100 years, never to dim.


    Her heart warms as she creates narratives born from the ring’s handmade imperfections. She can imagine the staunch stonecutter, arched over his workbench in the gold flush of candlelight, taking the time to discover the future possibilities within each gem, as he labors over the angle of every facet.


    She romanticizes the lives and loves of the women who treasured the ring generations before her. How the crest of their cheeks must have bloomed with a joyful glow when their true loves presented them with this unifying symbol of love!


    She sees herself as a catalyst of enduring love. For years from now, she will pass this sentimental heirloom to her own daughter; she finds comfort knowing that the ring will be cherished for generations to come.


    An unending circle of love begins with an antique engagement ring, lovingly crafted with hand-cut diamonds - eloquently unique, forever bright.



    At Isadoras, Valentine’s Day is one of our most favorite holidays; we love to feel romance fill the air in anticipation of February 14.


    The weeks (and days) before Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to shop for engagement rings, and there is nothing more romantic than an antique engagement ring.


    Vintage and antique engagement rings are unbelievably sentimental due to their poetic nature. They evoke a time and space where candlelight ruled, and diamonds were much harder to come by.


    Each one-of-a-kind antique engagement ring at Isadoras is chosen for its exquisite and unique qualities. Antique jewelry is the most collectable, rare, exotic jewelry there is. We often tell our clients, "If you want an antique ring, be patient, and the right one will come to you."


    We love helping couples find the antique or vintage engagement ring of their dreams, no matter what their budget is.


    It is important to keep in mind that the price of an engagement ring is affected by a diamond’s clarity, color, and size. We all know that a .50-carat diamond is more expensive than a .25-carat diamond, but if your budget is tight, there are ways to shop for beautiful diamonds without giving up on size.


    We will show you how!


    Diamond Clarity

    Each diamond is assigned a grade corresponding to its clarity.

    • VS1-VS2 – Very Slightly Included
    • SI1-SI2 – Slightly Included
    • I1-I3 = Included


    Diamonds with very minor inclusions that can only be seen under magnification are graded VS1-VS2.

    Diamonds with tiny flaws nearly invisible to the naked eye are graded SI1-SI2.

    Diamonds with flaws that can been seen with the naked eye are graded I1-I3.


    The cost of a diamond decreases as you move down the scale from very slightly included diamonds to those that have inclusions.


    Isadoras sells ideal stones, and a flawless diamond is a thing of beauty, but it never seduces us the way a stone with its own quirks, flaws, and ultimate beauty does. 

    A stone with its own idiosyncrasies puts butterflies in my stomach; and when one of those stones arrive in our store I find myself inexplicably drawn to it.


    Diamond Color

    Each diamond is assigned a grade corresponding to its color.

    The diamond color scale begins at D and ends with Z.

    As a general rule, diamonds slightly tinted are much less expensive than colorless stones.

    D, E, and F diamonds are nearly colorless. The color difference is so negligible, that the grade can only be discerned by a gemologist.

    Diamonds rated G-J on the color scale are nearly colorless; however, the price decreases as you move up through the scale.

    I-J colored diamonds will be less expensive than G-H colored diamonds.

    If you are drawn to diamonds with a faint warm hue – you will find that the stones with a faint color grade (K-M) are much less expensive than G-colored diamonds.


    Diamond Size

    Each diamond is assigned a carat weight

    If you choose a stone with slight inclusions and a faint color, you can buy a higher carat diamond for your money.


     Gemstones – The Alternative

    Don’t forget - gemstones are a stunning way to get more for your engagement dollars. Typically, larger gemstones cost less than their diamond counterparts.


    Because most antique diamonds are cut by hand, they have an individuality and character that cannot be emulated. Please visit our blog post, A Beginner’s Guide to Antique Diamond Cuts, for more detailed information.


    For more ideas, visit our Pinterest boards and browse our Instagram page to find inspiration for unique antique Valentine’s Day engagement ring and gift ideas.


    Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help you find the perfect antique engagement ring for your beloved!

  • Baroque Engagement


    The Baroque Art Movement thrived on exaggerated movement and complex details to provide an emotional experience. 


    Baroque fashion has taken cues from the lush, lavish opulence epitomized by the eighteenth century French queen Marie Antoinette – overflowing florals, exquisitely detailed fabrics, and stunning antique ornamental jewels - all combined to create an extravagant effect.


    baroque-bride-dressSince antique jewelry organically mimics both artistic and fashion influences of an era, we pulled together some of the most gorgeous baroque pieces from Isadoras’ heirloom collection to celebrate the Baroque Bride’s engagement.



    The Baroque Bride...


    She shimmers, adorned with antique diamonds hand-cut to catch candlelight, set in luxuriant gold. For added affect, she might choose gemstones, foiled to add depth and shine, fringed by tiny dollops of seed pearls.




    She adores the grace of an antique French gold chain or golden glow of a citrine drop necklace – pieces that will warm the curve of her neck, and delicately frame her décolletage.




    She treasures a statement pendant. She gravitates toward the stately and dramatic – intricate, yet sumptuous. Not only does a Victorian Era pendant command attention, it accentuates the gorgeous glamour she radiates.




    She does not forget the earrings. With her hair swept up, drop earrings are a must. The frothy filigree lace of her gown holds a delicate blush of color – a subdued canvas that brandishes her earrings to great advantage.


    Isadoras carries authentic antique and vintage pieces in styles from many different eras. Whether you are planning a baroque engagement, or simply want to add a stunning piece to your own heirloom collection, we would love to assist you.

    Visit Isadoras in the Pike Place Market, or explore our collection online.

  • Summer Sale

    The balmy summer sun is a gentle reminder that we need to live in the moment and savor every second of these warm weather days.


    At Isadoras, we are elated to celebrate gratitude both to our clients, and to the beauty of the season with a splendid Summer Sale event.

    The Isadoras Summer Sale is a further markdown of our regularly-priced antique heirloom collection. However, each discount is determined on a piece-by-piece basis. Gather the inventory numbers of your favorite jewelry and contact us for personal assistance.

    As always, it is our pleasure to work with you to secure the best possible price!

    We love to assist our clients as they add to their own antique jewelry collections. And our Summer Sale is a wonderful opportunity to finally take home that piece of jewelry you have always been longing for.

    Keep in mind, that as time passes, antique jewelry only appreciates in value. No matter what you choose to purchase, you are investing in your future with an exceptional piece of the past.

    If you are searching for an antique engagement ring, please look through our spectacular selection.  We would be thrilled to assist you in the hunt for the perfect ring!

    We hope you take advantage of these exquisite summer savings. We would love to help you add to your heirloom jewelry collection!


    If you have any further questions, you can reach our knowledgeable staff at 206.441.7711, or e-mail Isadoras Antique Jewelry at

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