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  • Celestial Antique Jewelry - Cosmic Motifs



    This Fall, the universe will find itself in alignment with the desires of antique jewelry lovers everywhere. The latest craze? Cosmic motifs!

    Whether it be moons, stars, or planets, Isadoras has a sparkling collection of celestial antique pieces that celebrate the tangible connection between earth and sky.


    The moonstone, considered to be a corporeal moonbeam, elegantly illuminates this spectacular Victorian diamond halo ring.


    These Retro-Era chandelier earrings feature rose gold shooting stars sparkling with 1.44 diamond carats!



    This stunning Victorian ring features the perfect foil of gold against blue - stars melting into the morning sky.



    Diamond-accented 18KT gold planets dangle from fancy link chains. The effect? Out of this world!



    A sliver of moon depicted in diamonds, this Victorian brooch symbolizes a new relationship and a lover's desire that it will morph into marriage.



    Steal a star from the heavens to wear near your heart. This 15KT gold Victorian locket features a burst of rose-cut diamonds.


    "The sky is filled with stars invisible by day."
    ~  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  • The Floral Motif in Antique Jewelry - A Language of Love



    Flowers are one of the most common motifs in jewelry, which is not surprising. It is our natural desire to replicate nature’s ephemeral beauty in enduring works of art.


    Each piece of lovely, floral-themed jewelry from the antique heirloom collection at Isadoras is special – reflecting the spirit of the era in which it was created.


    Fashionable flower motifs were common in the late Georgian Era, but jewelry designs became more realistic during the early Victorian Era.


    These lovely 15KT gold Victorian pietra dura earrings utilized inlays of highly polished stone to create the flowers and leaves.




    This sweet, seed pearl flower ring is saturated with sentiment. In the Victorian Era, lovers were obsessed with secret languages assigned to love tokens. Flowers were assigned specific meanings. For example, a daisy meant innocence, while a sunflower indicated adoration.




    In the Art Nouveau Era, stylized flowers were once again popular; designs were curvaceous and whimsical. Flowers never used in jewelry before became the norm – water lilies, fuchsias, and poppies.




    Simultaneously in the Edwardian Era, flower designs were used decoratively in garland necklaces.




    Art Deco design decried flowing lines and adopted cubism. However, many motifs of the time still included flowers. Egyptian motif jewelry was popular and included figurative representations of lotus blossoms. Flowers were often carved in gemstones.




    These striking pieces personify the geometry, symmetry, and boldness of Deco design, which is reflected even further in the carved, stylized flowers.




    In the Retro Era, floral motifs flourished – but with a difference. Jewelers now incorporated movement. Big, chunky jewelry often featured articulated petals and leaves – though bolder and less realistic.


    Movement was especially important, as embodied in the sway of the dangle earrings, and the lift of the watch’s articulated cover.




    After WWII, fashion returned to femininity. Midcentury jewelry was open, airy, and textural. Flowers were a popular motif often emphasized by gemstones.


    This beautiful midcentury necklace features three quartz flowers accented with sapphire pistils. Flower representation in jewelry during the mid-twentieth century evolved from the large, articulated Retro Era flowers to a more natural and realistic depiction.



    All of these lovely pieces come from the heirloom collection at Isadoras. Please stop by and visit us in-store or online to see more of our amazing antique jewelry.


  • 2016 Runway Jewelry Trends - Timeless Vintage Glamour



    This year, current runway jewelry trends include interesting, eye-catching pieces whose vintage counterparts trended decades ago and yet are still relevant today - proof that design styles never truly disappear, they simply regenerate.


    As a testament to the very cyclical nature of change, we will share with you how easy it is to eloquently select antique and vintage pieces to represent 2016 designer trends.


    Honoring vintage and antique jewelry is a wonderful way to respect the past and its everlasting connection to the future, while creating your own style.


    Below, we chose six of the latest jewelry trends that made a statement on the runway to view through a vintage lens.


    1.  Bountiful Brooches

    2016 brings the brooch back and allows it to shine. Whether pinned traditionally, or worn in unique ways - adorning the updo, lavished on a lapel - the brooch is elegant with a dash of cool.


    The brooch collection at Isadoras is vibrant and distinct. We make it easy for you to find a brooch that fits your style.



    2.  Evocative Earrings

    This year, earrings on the runway are all about unique color and shape – any shade, any size. Shoulder-grazing, spidery filigree designs are admired just as much as the more classic, colorful orbs.


    Our vintage and antique earring collection is phenomenal! From subtle silhouettes, to fun, fantastic shapes – we have the colors and designs that make it hard to decide which pair to wear.



    3.  Cultured Collarbone Necklaces

    The collarbone necklace is an incredible piece of jewelry that can stand on its own, yet packs a punch when paired with a choker or a locket. 2016 collarbone necklaces run the gamut from bold pendants to elegantly pretty.


    Whether you keep it simple, or love to layer, the collarbone necklace gives you a myriad of opportunities to make your antique jewelry the star.



    4.  Stunning Silver

    Silver is that versatile metal that can play with almost everyone and looks good doing it. And in 2016, its sleekness is celebrated, while gold waits in the wings.


    Silver is striking when accented with diamonds and gemstones, or simply stunning on its own. Layer textures of various pieces and follow where your imagination takes you.



    5.  Bold Bracelets & Bangles

    Whether worn alone or stacked, the bold bracelet is a 2016 trend that allows you to be conservative, or to go all out to your heart’s content. Either option reflects your artistic license.


    Bangles and bracelets are beautiful and so much fun to stack for effect, or wear alone for impact. Do not be shy about mixing colors, eras, and textures!



    6.  Long Necklaces

    For 2016, the long necklace is all about the dramatic – more is better.

    Layering sets the scene, and creates an eye-catching landscape where no rules apply.


    Long necklaces are lovely and dramatic. We love to pair them with the unexpected – or simply wear them solo.



    All the unique and exciting jewelry featured above has been photographed from the heirloom collection at Isadoras.


    Stop by and visit us in-store to take a closer look (and try pieces on!), or review the collection at your leisure online.


    If you have any questions, you can reach our knowledgeable staff at 206.441.7711, or e-mail Isadoras Antique Jewelry at








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