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  • Isadoras' Wish List - Gifting Made Easy


    Isadoras would not be the beautiful store we love to work in each day, if it were not for our wonderful clients, many whom have become dear friends. For us, our clients are everything – they are the heart and soul of our business and we are grateful every day for their love and loyalty.



    As many of you know, we are extremely passionate about antique and vintage jewelry, and we are deeply thankful that we have the opportunity to curate incredible pieces of heirloom jewelry for you - pieces that we hope you love; pieces that may become part of your own collection and history.


    Many clients shop online at and bring us their own list of favorite pieces when they visit the store.


    In order to make this experience more effortless, we have updated our online Wish List, which makes shopping at Isadoras and even easier.  


    Simply sign up for your own account and then you can go to town!


    Use our Wish List to catalog the pieces you are in love with, or the pieces you know your loved ones are crazy for.

    Add comments if you would like (make sure to Save Wish List after each edit).


    Once you have selected all your favorites, print out your Wish List and bring it to the store!


     You can also share your favorite Isadoras’ pieces with those you love.


    Either print, or e-mail your Wish List to your significant other.

    Giving those close to you a list of the items you adore, makes their shopping experience for you a snap, and they are sure to surprise you with one of your favorite pieces of jewelry.


    The holidays are a fabulous time to add to your collection, and the Wish List makes gifting easy.


  • Baroque Engagement


    The Baroque Art Movement thrived on exaggerated movement and complex details to provide an emotional experience. 


    Baroque fashion has taken cues from the lush, lavish opulence epitomized by the eighteenth century French queen Marie Antoinette – overflowing florals, exquisitely detailed fabrics, and stunning antique ornamental jewels - all combined to create an extravagant effect.


    baroque-bride-dressSince antique jewelry organically mimics both artistic and fashion influences of an era, we pulled together some of the most gorgeous baroque pieces from Isadoras’ heirloom collection to celebrate the Baroque Bride’s engagement.



    The Baroque Bride...


    She shimmers, adorned with antique diamonds hand-cut to catch candlelight, set in luxuriant gold. For added affect, she might choose gemstones, foiled to add depth and shine, fringed by tiny dollops of seed pearls.




    She adores the grace of an antique French gold chain or golden glow of a citrine drop necklace – pieces that will warm the curve of her neck, and delicately frame her décolletage.




    She treasures a statement pendant. She gravitates toward the stately and dramatic – intricate, yet sumptuous. Not only does a Victorian Era pendant command attention, it accentuates the gorgeous glamour she radiates.




    She does not forget the earrings. With her hair swept up, drop earrings are a must. The frothy filigree lace of her gown holds a delicate blush of color – a subdued canvas that brandishes her earrings to great advantage.


    Isadoras carries authentic antique and vintage pieces in styles from many different eras. Whether you are planning a baroque engagement, or simply want to add a stunning piece to your own heirloom collection, we would love to assist you.

    Visit Isadoras in the Pike Place Market, or explore our collection online.

  • Isadoras is Celebrating 44 Years!



    You were once wild here. Don’t let them tame you.

     - Isadora Duncan


    Lighting unbound by earthen feet, she paints the world in movement.

    Flying with eternal soul hands, she sheds everything but body and spirit to weave her dance.

    Walls crumble while hearts feel for the first time, the poetry of life.


    In 1972, Laura Dalesandro named Isadoras after the original modern dancer, Isadora Duncan. A free spirit herself, Laura felt (and still feels) how essential it is to walk life’s path with freedom and strength as an independent, creative woman. Since its inception, she has shaped Isadoras to empower the aesthetic spirit, and to bring to the world jewels that share eternal stories.



    Alongside Laura, is her daughter Elizabeth, who for 21 years has lovingly nurtured Isadoras, carrying the torch of the longtime family business.


    44 years later, the arc of Isadoras continues to grow, bringing memorable antique jewelry to clients worldwide. Much like her namesake, Isadoras has steadfastly retained both the pleasure in the classical realm, while consistently pursuing innovative vision.



    “The gratitude we have for all those who have taken part in the Isadoras world, is truly beyond words, and we hope only to bring you more in love and inspiration for years to come.”


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