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  • Antique Jewelry - A Feast For The Eyes

    Feast for the Eyes


    Haute cuisine aficionados tell us that we feast with our eyes first.

    I believe we devour everything with our eyes first – including couture clothing, breathtaking works of art, and of course, antique jewelry.



    Jewelry has been a feast for the eyes for thousands of years. Jewelry, which is as old as the human race itself, constantly evolves and innovates, perpetually re-defining beauty.



    Take a closer look at a one-of-a-kind piece of antique jewelry – hold it up to the (candle)light. Marvel at its imperfections and the timeless essence it retains, the stories it secrets away. Our visual nature responds to this historic imagery, fulfilling not only our sense of wonder, but also our desire to feast upon artistry.



    We need jewelry like we need communication and connection - we employ jewelry as a language that defines us. Jewelry, one of the oldest forms of decorative art, feeds our hunger for self-adornment and expression.

    Feast for the Eyes


    We relish a feast for the eyes, for we all desire our own definition of the beautiful – be it a decorous delicacy, a provocative thought, or an amazing piece of antique jewelry.



    And on tonight’s menu:




    So many decadent delectables, so little time! 




    Who doesn’t love a little green with everything? Not only good, but good for you.




    Gold pairs well with everything and makes a stunning main course. 




    Delicacy and sweetness - a satisfying blend of diamonds, rubies and pearls. 


  • Follow Your Inner Moonlight - Pushing the Boundaries with Antique Jewelry

    Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.                                                                         - Allen Ginsberg



    I saw her on a Saturday afternoon, walking crisply through the park. Her muted face projected a stony solemnity. I would be unable to conjure the details of her nose or eyes, only seconds later. Rather, I was seized by the sun glinting off the long strands of gold wound in slim skeins around her neck - pouring down the front of her purple sweater. Each finger was adorned with  gorgeous candy-colored gemstone rings – yet her hands did not harbor the weight; they fluttered at her sides with more emotion than her austere mouth, bangles sighing gently.

    In that moment, I fell in love with the way she wore her jewelry.


    How do you wear your antique jewelry?


    Do you carefully wear one piece at-a-time?

    Do you love to wear the same piece every day?

    Do you wait until a special occasion to bring out your favorite piece?

    Or, do you mix it up?


    Whatever your style - follow your inner moonlight.


    Allow the passion for your antique jewelry to guide you, portray you, emphasize your persona and your passion for life.


    Instead of wearing one diamond eternity band, why not wear three? Instead of wearing a solo French chain, why not add a locket or a fob and add a shorter articulated niello chain for contrast?


    Wear pearls and diamonds during the day; mix metals, and colors and eras.



    I asked a friend what pushing the boundaries of personal expression meant to her in relation to her own jewelry collection. She told me that she tended to wear pieces that expressed her mood.

    A sense of happiness spawned more gold and glamour than those days when she felt less than herself. And the pieces she gravitated towards more often were the pieces given to her with love.



    Whatever your style - be true to who you are.


    Marchesa Luisa Casati was known for saying that she wished to be considered a living work of art. She dressed over-the-top, threw lavish costume parties, and was partial to strings of pearls that fell to her feet. She followed her inner moonlight nearly all of her adult life.

    Edith Sitwell was a poet famous for her strong personality punctuated by an acerbic wit, odd Elizabethan style of dress, and ornate rings.


    Whatever your style – don’t hide the madness.


  • Telling Your Own Story with Antique Jewelry


    The collection blossomed from a gift - an Art Deco platinum ring - a simple band from the 1930s, glowing with tiny diamonds. Soon after, she singled out a pair of cut steel earrings that swayed gently against the curve of her cheek when she laughed. Later, she resonated with a royal purple amethyst cocktail ring; she wore it on her thumb. The long French chain came next – the brilliance of the 22KT gold spoke to her, and the structure reminded her of her youth, when possibilities seemed endless.


    In this moment, gazing at her growing heirloom collection of antique jewelry, she realized that possibilities are always there, simply waiting for a chance.e-taylor-pearls



    Whether consciously or not, we all externally project our own mythologies.


    You might express yourself with bright blue tresses, a Japonisme-inspired tattoo, a pair of pink converse high tops, or your grandmother’s locket - which you vow to wear every day.pants-jewelry



    Jewelry is a key component of your visual identity, as both an expression of beauty and an acceptance of an artistic aesthetic that speaks to you on a deeply personal level.




    It tells your story to a passerby, offers a piece of your psyche to someone who many never truly know you.




    And the true beauty, is that you wear your jewelry the way you want to, the way that brings your story to life.




    When you choose a one-of-a-kind antique piece to express yourself, you create a personal sensibility that is uniquely descriptive of your own expression.




    You are curating a look that incorporates the jewelry of another’s past life, but in this moment, it is your individual story alone.



    Your antique jewelry choices author your narrative – telling the story others will remember.

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