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  • Bangles Galore! Create Your Own Arm Party!


    She wore her arm party out on a Sunday night.

    Her black dress framed the tower of bangles jangling musically against her wrist.

    Streetlights pierced the night with dirty-yellow arcs leading nowhere, but she didn't care.

    She had no destination; she simply moved to the metronome of her footfalls, and to the melody of her bangles.

    In this moment, she felt beautiful and unstoppable.

    And she was.



    The bangle - a circular creature providing that clash of contrasts we find ourselves drawn to again and again - the chiaroscuro of light touching night, the solidity of gold smashing velvet, the airy coolness of whipped cream heaped upon hot chocolate.





    Bodacious, breathtaking, bold – the bangle’s versatility means that it is never boring.

    Stack bangles for effect, or wear them alone for impact.



    One bangle: A single element.




    Two bangles: Voices in tandem.




    A stack: Outrageous glamour.




    Skip the shyness when it comes to mixing bangle and bracelet colors, metals, eras, and textures – rules simply do not exist.



    Create your own arm party and enjoy the night!


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  • Heirloom Jewelry - Designed to be Worn


    The frayed photograph album – snapshots faithfully fitted into photo corners, anchored to stiff black paper. The faces that feel so far away, slightly smiling in shades of yellowed grey – my grandmother in a high-collared wool jacket, my grandfather in a double-breasted plaid suit.


    She wears black fitted gloves that hide her platinum and diamond wedding ring set. The rings he bought for her on a shoe salesman’s salary just years after the Great Depression.



    Many visitors, who stop by Isadoras, tell us they own lovely heirloom pieces that they keep stored away. They reluctantly admit that they feel this precious jewelry is much too beautiful for everyday wear.

    And they often add that the possibility they could lose any of these meaningful pieces is enough to firmly convince them the jewelry should never see the light of day.



    It is a shame to allow the innate beauty of your heirloom jewelry to be swallowed by the sterile atmosphere of a safety deposit box, safe, or the tangle of a jewelry box.

    Allow others to love and admire these cherished antique pieces as much as you do.



    Wearing your antique heirloom jewelry is an act of love that honors the person who wore the pieces before you, and celebrates the artisanship of the craftsman who designed and created these unique works of art.


    Relish the sapphire and diamond bracelet your Aunt Josephine bequeathed to you!


    It was her desire for you to wear it – to savor its beauty as much as she did.



    A few weeks ago, a beautiful client came into the store and amazed us with the exquisite diamond retro ring she had purchased for herself as a retirement gift.

    Her antique piece was absolutely stunning – bold platinum laced with diamonds galore; we admired how the strong presence of the ring complimented her delicate hands. Our unabashed appreciation made her smile, and made our day.

    Never underestimate how seeing the lovely pieces on you, incites happiness in others.


    Where are my grandmother’s rings now? I wear the wedding ring and my sister has the engagement ring. Every time I glance down upon the slim diamond band, I feel my grandmother close by and return to these comforting thoughts:  I will always love her and I am lucky to hold dear a sentimental piece of her elegant life.

    We welcome you to visit our antique jewelry collection online or in-person. 

    If you have any questions, you can reach our knowledgeable staff at 206.441.7711, or e-mail Isadoras Antique Jewelry at

  • The Glamour of Gold


    Gold’s inherent beauty imprints upon our lives in a myriad of quiet ways - the tear-smudged cheek of a Klimt; the fragile whisper of spun sugar threads; the brash stripes of a fat-bellied bee.



    However, when we find ourselves enchanted by an amazing piece of antique jewelry, gold assails our senses with all the boldness of a sassy midcentury cocktail ring, the brilliance of a Victorian locket, or the blush of warm-hued Edwardian bracelet.


    So, why does some gold jewelry sizzle brightly, while other pieces reflect a rosy, pink hue? Why is some gold more resilient, and some gold softer?


    Let’s look further….


    The Karat Weights

    Gold is weighed in karats. 24 karats constitutes pure gold, and anything less than that is an alloy of gold and other metals.


    24 Karat 

    100% gold.

    Soft and delicate, pure gold must be handled with care.

    Every time you wear your 24KT jewelry, particles are lost.


    22 Karat

    91.6% gold.

    Still soft, 22 karat gold will wear thin from everyday use. 22 karat gold tends toward a yellow shine, but the degree of brightness depends on whether the other two karats are silver or copper.


    As you can imagine, adding copper, makes for a rosier glow.


    18 Karat

    75% gold.

    18 karat gold’s strength makes it more popular for creating jewelry.


    Most rose gold is 18 karat (75% gold, 21% copper, 4% silver), deriving its warm hue from the large percentage of copper.


    14 Karat

    53.8% gold. Also popular for creating jewelry.


    9 Karat

    37.5% gold.

    9 karat gold will flush rose or dull bronze if the remaining alloy is copper; on the other hand, the color is considered white if the alloy is silver or nickel.


    European 9 karat white gold was (and is) made with silver as nickel was determined to cause skin problems.


     The Colors

    Yellow Gold

    An alloy of pure gold and a small percentage of silver, copper or zinc.


    White Gold

    An alloy of pure gold and either silver or palladium.


    Rose Gold

    An alloy of pure gold and copper.
    The Alternatives

    Gold Plate

    A very thin layer of precious metal electroplated to an inexpensive base metal. Gold plate wears off quickly to expose the base metal; no measurable proportion of gold is required.


    Gold Fill

    A layer of gold bonded to both sides of a metal, typically brass. Gold fill is required to contain 5% gold by weight.


    If you have any questions, you can reach our knowledgeable staff at 206.441.7711, or e-mail Isadoras Antique Jewelry at

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