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  • A Timeless Treasure - The Vintage Halo Ring



    While the halo engagement ring is SO now, it is also SO then.

    So, what is it about the halo-style ring that has allowed it to withstand the test of time?

    Simple. The focus is the center stone.


    The halo concept was created to accentuate the central diamond by encircling it with smaller stones all of the same size. Often you will see that the halo is physically separated from the central stone by a sliver of space.

    art-deco-halo-ring-instagram Circa 1920s Diamond Halo Ring, IK0688


    In this way, the halo ring embodies the ideology that we cannot have light without the dark, or dark without the light. It is the dark space between the halo and the center diamond that defines the stone’s light and allows it to brilliantly shine.


    In the Victorian ring below, the dark is literally defined by a ring of black onyx. This demarcation allows for the central stone to shine, and intensifies the brilliance of the halo diamonds

    halo-ring-with-onyx Diamond Cluster Ring with Onyx Halo, IK0651


    Each antique raw diamond held a unique opportunity, and was approached thoughtfully by talented artisans.

    The stone was most likely cut by a human hand and reflects the artist who created the facets and decided upon the setting. Because of this, antique and vintage diamonds are not cookie-cutter perfect, which is the very reason why they are undeniably special and exhibit a one-of-a-kind character and personality.

    cluster-ring-instagram Victorian Diamond Cluster Ring, A21638


    The consummate halo-style ring was originally introduced in the 1920s. Over previous decades, jewelers had handed their knowledge down from generation to generation, and by the Art Deco Era had established a high level of workmanship that produced deliberate, finely crafted details.


    The negative inner space around the halo immediately draws your eye to the center diamond of the below Art Deco Era ring.

    IK0687-halo-ring-on-hand Art Deco Diamond Halo Ring, IK0687


    Contemporary halo-style engagement rings almost always surround the center diamond with the typical wreath of pave-set diamonds, and there are no individualistic details that allow these pieces to stand out in a crowd.


    So, let’s take a look at antique and vintage halo-style rings through the ages, pieces that exhibit both the beautiful craftsmanship and the exquisite detailing lacking in modern rings.


    Victorian Era

    In the Victorian Era, diamond cluster rings were popular and these pieces typically featured a central diamond encircled by a tight cluster of smaller, or similarly-sized diamonds, in yellow gold, rose gold, or silver-topped gold settings. Diamond cluster rings were much more modest in price than the classic diamond solitaire (the solitaire fork-mount was introduced in 1886 by Charles Louis Tiffany).

    victorian-cluster-ring Victorian Diamond Cluster Ring, A21638


    Edwardian Era

    This Edwardian ring has moved toward the traditional halo style – the design is more airy and light, conjuring the feeling of delicacy that was prevalent in jewelry of this era.

    edwardian-halo-ring Circa 1910 Diamond Halo Ring, IK0660


    Art Deco Era

    The Art Deco Era is the birthplace of the halo-style ring. Diamonds became popular for use as a center stone. Platinum or white gold settings promoted the brilliance of the diamonds. New diamonds cuts were introduced – the baguette was one, and offered a geometric look that characterized Art Deco design.

    art-deco-halo-ring Art Deco Diamond Halo Ring, IK0687


    Retro & Midcentury Eras

    Retro and Midcentury Eras saw a resurgence in the popularity of the diamond halo ring and large diamond cluster rings.

    The halo engagement ring resurfaced in popularity in the 1980s, then again just decades later.

    midcentury-halo-ring Midcentury Platinum & Diamond Halo Ring, IK0654


    Today, modern halo-style rings have saturated the engagement ring market, and some of the pieces are even labeled with the unconvincing moniker “vintage style.”


    Authentic vintage and antique halo rings exhibit a character and artistry that will accent your personality in a unique way in which contemporary pieces cannot begin to compare.


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  • Summer Sale

    The balmy summer sun is a gentle reminder that we need to live in the moment and savor every second of these warm weather days.


    At Isadoras, we are elated to celebrate gratitude both to our clients, and to the beauty of the season with a splendid Summer Sale event.

    The Isadoras Summer Sale is a further markdown of our regularly-priced antique heirloom collection. However, each discount is determined on a piece-by-piece basis. Gather the inventory numbers of your favorite jewelry and contact us for personal assistance.

    As always, it is our pleasure to work with you to secure the best possible price!

    We love to assist our clients as they add to their own antique jewelry collections. And our Summer Sale is a wonderful opportunity to finally take home that piece of jewelry you have always been longing for.

    Keep in mind, that as time passes, antique jewelry only appreciates in value. No matter what you choose to purchase, you are investing in your future with an exceptional piece of the past.

    If you are searching for an antique engagement ring, please look through our spectacular selection.  We would be thrilled to assist you in the hunt for the perfect ring!

    We hope you take advantage of these exquisite summer savings. We would love to help you add to your heirloom jewelry collection!


    If you have any further questions, you can reach our knowledgeable staff at 206.441.7711, or e-mail Isadoras Antique Jewelry at

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2 Item(s)