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  • The Oscar Night Glamour of Vintage Jewelry

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    We love the spectacle of Hollywood's biggest night! The dreamy glamour of the resplendent gowns and brilliant jewelry is our favorite part of the Oscars.


    Many celebrities choose to accessorize with antique jewelry on Oscar night for good reason; the innate beauty and rarity of vintage jewelry cannot be matched by modern pieces.


    All of the stunning antique jewelry in the heirloom collection at Isadoras possesses an unknown history that deepens the character of each piece, while adding a sense of mystery.


    We adore the lavish vintage Bulgari bib necklace that Keira Knightly wore to the 2009 Oscars. The Art Deco zipper necklace that Margo Robbie donned for the Oscars in 2015 took 12 years to make, and was commissioned by the Duchess of Windsor. The necklace is fully functional, and when zipped up can be worn as a bracelet.



    At the 2009 Academy Awards, Taraji P. Henson wore an amazing 19th century diamond flower necklace by Fred Leighton. And, in 2000, Hilary Swank stunned with a $250,000 necklace that was originally crafted for one of Queen Victoria’s daughters in 1890 (and converts into a tiara!).


    Antique jewels are popular on the red carpet because they are one of a kind. When you wear vintage jewelry, it is utterly impossible for anyone to emulate your look.


    We cannot wait to see which incredible vintage pieces will dazzle us from the red carpet this year!!


    Below are a few of the exquisite red carpet-worthy vintage pieces you can find only at Isadoras.


    Left:  Deco Diamond Sapphire Earrings

    Right:  Circa 1940 Diamond, Emerald & Pearl Choker


    Left:  Estate Diamond Platinum Earrings

    Center:  Stunning Victorian Diamond Necklace

    Right:  Victorian Diamond Earrings


    Left:  Midcentury Star Sapphire Ring

    Center:  Vintage 7.26 ct. Sapphire Ring

    Right:  Edwardian Platinum Diamond Ring


    Left:  Art Deco Yellow Sapphire Ring

    Center:  Victorian Seed Pearl Necklace

    Right:  Stunning Retro Diamond Ring

    If you have any questions, you can reach our knowledgeable staff at 206.441.7711, or e-mail Isadoras Antique Jewelry at

  • 2016 - Year of the Fire Monkey

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    2016 is the Chinese and Tibetan year of the Fire Monkey.


    The Fire Monkey is an intelligent, artistic character, both eccentric and unpredictable, whose energetic personality and charismatic nature is naturally drawn to vibrant gems in all shades of glowing orange, deep rich red, and violet blue.


    Isadoras heirloom collection showcases amazing antique fire opals, rubies, and amethysts that speak to the Fire Monkey’s spark and vitality - we absolutely adore all these gems for their intrinsic beauty and intense hues.

    Fire Monkey - Photo Bar3


    Our lively opal rings blaze with a captivating inner beauty that comes to life once you slip one on your finger. And lately, our customers have been drawn to these expressive pieces.



    Our amethyst rings shine with a violet beauty that has inspired poets, kings, icons, and enthusiasts the world over.



    Our decadent dark-red ruby rings evoke a sense of elegance and timeless grace.



    The year of the Fire Monkey promises to be an exciting one that will present us with many wonderful opportunities to manifest our dreams, to create positive change and transformation, and to intensify personal connection and collaboration.


    We wish you a very happy Year of the Fire Monkey!!

  • Piece of the Week: The Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

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    Sometimes finding the perfect non-traditional engagement ring is all about discovering the extraordinary.


    We love helping our clients find that one-of-a-kind non-traditional engagement ring. Whether you are looking for colorful gems, or settings that differ from the traditional diamond engagement ring, we have amazing antique pieces – each with their own charisma and style.

    No two vintage pieces are alike.


    Taking a chance and trying something different is what makes selecting a non-traditional engagement ring such a wonderful experience. 


    Try mixing pieces from different eras. Pairing a beautiful Victorian sapphire halo ring with a midcentury engraved band makes an enchanting non-traditional wedding set. The detailing on both pieces creates a stunning combination.



    Midcentury cocktail rings make fabulous non-traditional engagement rings that are spectacular statement pieces as well.



    There are no absolute rules when selecting a non-traditional engagement ring – it is all about what speaks to you and brings you joy.


    Each piece of antique jewelry has a distinct personality, and we would love to assist you in finding the non-traditional engagement ring that reflects your own personal style.


    We know that choosing an engagement ring is an individual process, so we encourage you to browse our website and visit our store to get an up-close and personal tour of our heirloom collection of antique rings.


    Below, enjoy some of our favorite non-traditional engagement rings.

    Visit us at Isadoras and try them on!


    new pieces1

    Top:  Art Deco Diamond & Onyx Ring

    Lower Left:  Midcentury Aquamarine & Diamond Ring

    Lower Right:  Edwardian Diamond & Emerald Ring


    new pieces2

    Top:  Victorian Snake Diamond Ring

    Lower Left:  Retro Citrine Cocktail Ring

    Lower Right:  Vintage Citrine Diamond Cocktail Ring


    new pieces3

    Top:  Victorian Sapphire & Diamond Ring

    Lower Left:  Sapphire Diamond Halo Ring

    Lower Right:  Edwardian Sapphire & Diamond Ring

    If you have any questions, you can reach our knowledgeable staff at 206.441.7711, or e-mail Isadoras Antique Jewelry at

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