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  • Why Do Women Desire Diamonds?

    We asked our staff, ‘why do women desire diamonds?’- Can you guess their answers?


    I have met thousands of clients looking for rings, and there is only a small percentage of them that say that they don't care for diamonds. It seems that for most gals, a diamond is a symbol of the dream that has been brewing for a long time in their minds about meeting a partner, excitedly getting engaged, and sealing the deal with a sparkly diamond. Like the stone is actually spinning a disco ball of excitement.

    For most of the clients in Isadoras, there is not the loud sparkle, bright color and generic looking diamond that comes to their mind, but rather a romantic, mystical, delicate stone that when they stare into it, they are almost hypnotized~seeing a swarm of decades, love affairs, travels and untold stories of a stone that is waiting to begin another chapter of it's life. The old diamonds offer a uniqueness to each couples story that is as mesmerizing as the attention to detail that antique jewelry received when it was created.

    Words that I think of when I see an antique diamond that I love: art, dance, creation, time, energy, touch, gratification, soulful, song, and love.


    Women are drawn to sparkly things. A diamond makes them feel special. A diamond makes them feel privileged. Diamonds go with everything. Diamonds are investment worthy.


    I don't know about women, but I know about myself. [A diamond] is the magic of the earth’s creation. And the old [diamonds] leave her creation without trying so hard to make it something else. Respectful. Of her and it. When left alone they are a bit like staring into a fire. Complex -- and actually for me..thought provoking. I do not use the word magic lightly.


    I emailed this question to the staff of our store several days ago. And I had the opportunity to cheat and read everyone’s answers before I made my own. The prerogative of the writer. I even had one person write back and say they wanted to revise their answer because their answer did not manage to fully capture what they felt. But I think that is the thing I learned, or learned to understand, in positing this question to our staff. Like any good work of art or magnificent vista of nature, if you could encapsulate a diamond’s beauty, the feelings, it evokes into words it would not be the special thing it is.

    We try to harness a diamond’s qualities by evaluating each stone on a grading scale. We give it a rating for color, for clarity, for cut and for carat. But if those four qualities could explain the beauty of any one particular diamond stone, a diamond would not be the utterly captivating thing it is. It would not be the stone that is chosen more than any other as an engagement ring stone. It would not be the thing that one could spend a lifetime entranced by.





  • 6 "Pin-Worthy" Art Deco Engagement Rings

    Forever modern, a classic Art Deco engagement ring is as timelessly beautiful today as it was almost 100 years ago. And so I thought I’d share six of my very favorite 1920’s/1930’s engagement rings.

    1. An engagement ring aficionado, I still swoon over a perfect stair step shoulder on a 1920’s diamond ring. My husband calls it Chrysler building jewelry and even he can’t ignore the geometric magnificence of these Art Deco era jewels.


    Shop: Art Deco Diamond Stair Step Engagement Ring

    2. For the more feminine among us, nothing can compare to an Art Deco diamond filigree engagement ring. These 1930’s rings are truly exquisite, with platinum & white gold filigree metal work that looks like lace,


    Shop: 1.76 ct. Diamond Filigree Engagement Ring

    3. For high contrast sophistication, the Art Deco era was marked by the juxtaposition of white and black. And really who can resist blinding white diamonds highlighted by bold black onyx?--I know I can’t.


    Shop: Art Deco Diamond Onyx Engagement Ring

    4. Adore a diamond 'centric' ring?-- There are gorgeous classic diamond engagement rings, centered by old european cut diamonds, old mine cut (miner’s cut) diamonds, transitional cut diamonds & early modern brilliant cut diamonds. With an inviting sparkle distinctive to the early 20th century, these antique and vintage diamonds draw the eye inward with incomparable beauty.


    Shop: .94 CT Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

    5. Sometimes the lady likes a lot of sparkle, and if she does a vintage diamond halo engagement ring will have her eyes twinkling, literally, from the reflected light of these dazzling rings.


    Shop: Art Deco Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

    6. And for the woman who loves the unexpected, untraditional, unusual alternative wedding ring, there are fantastic Art Deco diamond cocktail rings. I always imagine a 1920’s flapper at one of Gatsby’s parties wearing this ring as she did the Charleston with her short bob, short skirt and liberated views.  


    Shop: Art Deco Miners Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

    Please visit our website for more Art Deco Engagement Rings.

  • Authentic Antique Jewelry

    As I was driving to work today, I was reflecting on the concept of "reproductions"; why they exist and how they differ from antique jewelry. When you search online for antique jewelry, most of what you find right off the bat is a series of websites that sell new jewelry. Highlighted are the words that are used, bought and paid for to drive potential clients to their sites. Of course, in my mind, I am thinking, "If people want 'antique jewelry', why would they want to go to these sites?"


    What I deduct, is that many people want the look, inspiration and uniqueness of antique pieces. Having spent my life and career curating, buying and selling antique jewelry, I know that a reproduction is not unique by definition. My eye knows a reproduction the second it is in sight. They do not look old/antique...contrary, they look brand new, hot off a production line. As we all know, fashion is strongly inspired by the past. As I see it, the only true way to get all three of these traits: look, inspiration and uniqueness, is with true antique pieces. It doesn't matter what style someone is searching for: modern, filigree, cocktail, non-traditional, or statement rings, it can be found in true form of an antique. Keeping in mind, these are the real heirloom pieces.

    Reproductions exist because antique jewelry is the most collectable, rare and exotic jewelry there is. There are only a handful of stores left that have not allowed their inventory to be fluffed with new reproduction jewelry in hopes to sell to a buyer that does not know, or even care to know the difference. That is what I love the most about Isadoras...we go the extra mile to educate our clients about the true difference of new and old. I always say to our clients, "If you want an antique ring, be patient, and the right one will come to you."

    Here are some examples of antique rings in our store that are commonly reproduced:

    Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 4.28.54 PM

    Shop Vintage Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

    Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 4.25.43 PM

    Shop Vintage Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

    Screen shot 2015-03-19 at 4.32.33 PM

    Shop Vintage Diamond Filigree Engagement Ring

    Happy Antique Jewelry Hunting! ~ Elizabeth

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