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  • Zircon- December's Birthstone

    You lucky December babies! The zircon birthstone is a delight to wear. Zircons come in many different colors, and our favorites are gold and blue. December's birthstone is incredibly sparkly too- zircon is the only gemstone other than a diamond to sparkle as brilliantly. Below you see a wonderful Edwardian zircon festoon necklace. Set in silver, this brilliant december birthday gift idea has a zircon weight of 30 carats!

    zircon necklace

    december birthstone (1)

    Zircon rings are a fantastic way to wear December's birthstone. Not only are they great to wear as a right hand ring, they also make a wonderful alternative gemstone engagement ring. Above are four wonderful zircon rings at Isadoras. Please see the links below for more information.

    Upper left: This is the perfect zircon engagement ring. A diamond stair step mounting, this is a new arrival, so call for details!

    Lower left: Two stone zircon ring is unusual and charismatic on the hand.

    Center: An Art Deco golden brown zircon weighing 15 carats.

    Right: Blue zircon halo ring in platinum.

  • Dainty Antique Jewelry

    Here are a few of the daintiest pieces of antique jewelry to be found at Isadoras.

    We love to play with scale, and wearing a small and striking piece of antique jewelry is so romantic, subtle, and let's be honest- it's the perfect foolproof gift idea. 

    vintage pinkie rings, antique georgian ring, unique stacking ring

    Seen above are three wonderful and very dainty rings. Perfect as a pinkie ring, a stacking ring, or a unique and charming engagement ring, these c. 1870s rings are subtle, but oh so striking!

    dainty deco floating diamond necklace

    This unique Art Deco floating diamond necklace is the epitome of what we love about dainty antique jewelry.

    spiderweb necklace, ruby necklace

    A lotus or a mandala, this c.1910 spiderweb necklace with rubies, diamonds, and pearls is truly distinctive.


    And last, but not least we have a wonderful and dainty pair of early Deco earrings that give a subtle and elegant twinkle.

    xoxo -Gemma

  • 3 Perfect Vintage Diamond Pendant Necklaces

    There are very few things that are fantastically beautiful and also everyday-- a diamond engagement ring, a pair of stud earrings and the perfect diamond pendant necklace. Here are three perfect vintage diamond necklaces, so new to the store they haven't even made it to the website yet.

    1. An Art Deco Diamond Pendant Necklace


    2.  A Vintage Diamond Pendant Necklace


    3.  An Antique Diamond Pendant Necklace


    Please stop by the store to see these fantastic necklaces in person.

    And visit our website for more striking vintage and antique necklaces.

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