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  • Fall Colors with Statement Antique Gemstones

    Let's celebrate fall colors with wonderful and warm antique statement jewelry! 

    holiday gemstones cocktail rings

    These are my TOP FOUR favorite statement antique jewelry gemstones for fall. The warmth and sparkle in a large scale gemstone keeps me inspired and feeling glamorous as it becomes colder and darker outside. The wonderful thing about citrine and tourmaline is the versatility. Pair a huge and glam citrine with your weekender jeans, and it is the perfect fun statement ring. Play with scale, and pair your chunky knits with a huge antique gemstone pin for a unique autumnal fashion statement. Please click on the images below to get more information about an individual piece. 

    4. Vintage Midcentury Modern emerald cut citrine in rose gold. I adore this ring! The emerald cut and warm golden colors in the citrine makes a clear and bold statement. This would also be a really fun and unique antique gemstone engagement ring.

    Vintage Citrine cocktail ring

    3.  Antique large scale Scottish silver brooch with engraved dragons. What on earth could be a more fabulous fall statement jewel than a remarkable and rare 1870s antique pin? Signed, 'AMIESON ABFRDEFN'.

    antique Scottish Brooch dragons and citrine

    2. Rose tourmaline. The COLOR of this Midcentury 12 carat tourmaline! It is a true warm dusky rose. The setting is platinum and architectural with baguette accent shoulders; all leading our eye to this very special vintage tourmaline. Although considered a cocktail ring, this tourmaline is the perfect match for a non conventional engagement, or anyone who loves a vintage gemstone statement. Perfect for a size 8 finger and above.

    rose tourmaline cocktail ring c. 1950

    1. Retro 35 carat citrine cocktail ring. This ring is so much FUN to wear! I imagine wearing this ring with a little black dress to a fun holiday party, OR bundled up in jeans and a huge sweater; wearing only this rock peeking out under a sumptuous knit. Come in and try this one on- I think you'll adore it as much as I do!

    citrine statement ring vintage rose gold

    Happy Fall. xoxo ~Gemma

  • 5 “Pinworthy” Low Profile Engagement Rings

    The more active women’s lives, particularly Pacific Northwest lives, the more  women seek out low profile engagement rings. Whether it is because a woman is taking gloves on and off as a doctor (or a nurse) or just because she feels a highly mounted diamond would impeded her lifestyle, many women are looking for a ring that sits close to the finger. And so we have chosen five of our favorite “pinworthy” low profile engagement rings to share with you.

    1. A classic Art Deco diamond filigree engagement ring, that sits low to the finger in an organic, beautiful way.


    2. Just because a ring sits low to the finger, doesn't mean it has to be simple. I adore this Art Deco North to South style diamond and sapphire engagement ring.


    3. Perfectly sweet, this vintage engagement ring hugs the finger in the loveliest of ways.


    4. What is more spectacular than this Art Deco rose cut diamond halo engagement ring.


    5. An alternative to a traditional engagement ring, a wide diamond filigree eternity band is an excellent way to get a low profile with a large look.


    Please visit our website for more beautiful engagement rings!

  • What Your Vintage Engagement Ring Says About You

    I adore pairing the perfect vintage engagement ring with the wonderful and unique person who comes to Isadoras searching for THE vintage engagement ring to call their own. Making that choice and finding a connection with a ring often is directly informed by personality, the partnership a engagement ring represents, and of course personal style. So here are some personality types as expressed by a few special vintage engagement rings.  xo ~ Gemma

    1. Midcentury Solitaire

    You lovely Classy Lady! You love tailored clear lines that express simplicity and elegance to a T. Midcentury modern is uniquely clear and timeless in its structure and beauty. See all our midcentury engagement rings here.

    3 carat midcentury modern engagement ring

    2. Vintage Art Deco Engagement

    You love the spirit of uniqueness. Every Deco engagement ring is incredibly detailed and hand crafted by a master metalsmith and stone cutter with love. You are enthralled by the whimsical details in a Art Deco engagement ring that makes it have character that is uniquely yours.  Enjoy Deco engagement rings here.

    art deco 2 carat filigree engagement ring

    3. Classic Vintage Band

    The understated luxury, the boldness in classical simplicity of a vintage ring. You are the Audrey Hepburn, the Caroline Bessette-Kennedy in taste and elegance. You know a great band (or stack of bands) can go far. Shop vintage wedding bands here. Please note we have many more gorgeous bands in store. 

    french gold diamond eternity band

    deco stacking eternity band vintage diamond

    4. A Colored Stone Engagement Ring

    You love movement, rarity, uniqueness! A statement maker, choosing a vintage engagement ring with a colored gemstone truly sets you apart from the crowd. From Yellow sapphire, emeralds, to garnet, gemstones are as diverse in their color as their price point. Shop gemstone engagement rings here.

    lavender sapphire vintage gemstone engagement ring

    5. Gold Gold Gold! 

    You are a lover of the essentials in the most luxurious kind of way. Wearing a vintage gold engagement ring is a special kind of decadence- from French rose gold to a rich yellow 22 carat, wearing vintage gold is truly timeless.

    vintage moi et toi diamond engagement ring

    Above: Moi et Toi antique two stone diamond engagement ring. 

    deco 22 cart yellow gold engagement

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