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  • Wearing Fall Gems: Amber and Citrine

    Every fall there comes a time when I crave the warmth of amber and citrine. Like a wonderful friend, the rich hues found in these amazing gemstones inspire and delight. It is lovely to pair them with all sorts of outfits- the rich yellow and brown tones in amber can work with anything form a dense flowing print to a tailored shirt; my citrine ring lives on the middle finger of my left hand always. Of course, these gemstones are wonderful to wear year -round, but for me, there is a certain nostalgia and comfort in donning a warm and sunny bauble as a accompaniment into Autumn.

     Vintage amber ring vintage citrine ring

    Come in to Isadoras to see our newest amber and citrine arrivals! (Seen on your right is a gorgeous newly arrived  arts and crafts era amber ring)

    deco amber rose gold 1920s ring

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    vintage cirtine ring

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    xoxo -Gemma

  • Piece of the Week: Victorian Micro Mosaic Bracelet

    I've always thought of antique jewelry as wearable art, but never more so than with micro mosaic jewelry.


    Primarily originating in Victorian Rome and Florence, micro mosaic jewelry is composed of tiny bricks of glass called tessarae. Under a master craftsman this style of jewelry is truly phenomenal.   I was particularly excited when this bracelet came into our store. I adore the deep reds and blues and the Asian influence on the design. This is a first look. The piece will go on our website soon. -xo Miko

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2 Item(s)