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  • 7 Reasons To Buy A Vintage Engagement Ring


    1. Vintage engagement rings have age and history. There is a joy in having a piece of jewelry that has a connection to the past.


    2. To my mind, nothing can match the exquisite beauty of vintage engagement rings, whether it is the lace like filigree of the Edwardian era or the architecture of an Art Deco piece.


    3. There is a craftsmanship to antique diamonds quite unlike and unsurpassed by stones of today. In the past, a stone’s cut was determined not by strict formulations and mechanics, but by a man staring down into a jewels depth and making a series of choices, each one designed to bring out the stone’s essential fire and sparkle.


    4. There is an originality to vintage engagement rings. No one will have a piece quite like yours. Vintage engagement rings are filled with subtle surprises that come only from jewelry that was crafted in exquisite detail by an artist’s hand and tools. This is the reason reproduction pieces do not look or appraise like jewelry of the past. It took hand attention to get the sublime delicacy of Edwardian filigree or the raw beauty of an antique rose cut diamond.


    5. Vintage engagement rings have great investment worthiness. Shortly after the United States recent financial crises, Forbes Magazine featured Art Deco jewelry on its cover. They wrote, “high-quality jewelry-as-art also holds hard-times appeal because it’s collectible and classic. The stones have value in and of themselves; they have their romance and legacy. There’s plenty of room in a diversified portfolio for things other than stocks and bonds”.

    And that is the wonderful thing. Vintage engagement ring's value as a commodity comes from its metal and stones, as well as its provenance and craftsmanship. Which is why, in purchasing an vintage engagement ring, you can feel confident you have chosen something beautiful, sentimental and of great worth.


    6. There is an ecological benefit to buying a previously owned ring. Mining for gemstones and metals has a horrible impact on the environment. The EPA stated hard rock mining generates more toxic waste than any other industry in the United States. Which is why the “No Dirty Gold” campaign says the only way to buy “clean” gold is to opt for vintage or recycled jewelry.


    7. There is an ethical benefit to buying a vintage engagement ring. While many people are working to insure a more transparent, conscious diamond business. At this time, we see vintage engagement rings as still the most consumer conscious option. Because while we may not be able to guarantee the human rights of yesteryear we can guarantee that when buying a vintage engagement ring, none of your money is going to continue practices you do not approve of. Because while our diamonds do not meet the Kimberly Process's definition of "conflict diamonds", by selling diamonds that are previously owned we are selling diamonds that predate both conflict and conflict free diamonds and are therefore not contributing monetarily to any political conflict past or present.

    The Forbes quote come from “Rocks Solid” Forbes December 2008 by Stephanie Cooperman

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  • Timeless Non Traditional Engagement Rings

    I have a unique job within the fashion world, in that I sell something that a person expects to wear for their entire lifetime—an engagement ring. Most things we purchase in this disposable culture need only stand the test of one season’s fashion and so I find some clients become slightly paralyzed by the task of making a purchase that will see them through an entire lifetime.


    Will they like the same thing so long they wonder and how can they pick something unique, because surely something unique will go out of fashion? (This is some people’s logic not mine.)


    And being in this business I have had a lot of time to think about this issue of the timeless and unique. And I have come to the conclusion that being unusual should not preclude a person from loving it for all time. If you are a person who has always had a quirky, idiosyncratic, unique, individual sense of style then shouldn’t the one ring you wear for your whole lifetime be as expressive as you are?


    A photo of my non-traditional engagement ring!

    For instance, my engagement ring is shaped like a deconstructed buckle. Too unique some people might say, it’s just a passing fashion fad for you. Not so I say. I owned my first piece of buckle jewelry in 1996 and I still wear it to this day, a bracelet. And after five years I still adore my engagement ring as much as I did the day I received it. Yes it is not a diamond solitaire but it is timeless nonetheless. And it is my kind of timeless not anybody else’s. -xo Miko

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  • February's Birthstone, Amethyst

    The God Bacchus had grown angry with mortals and therefore decided a tiger would devour the next mortal to cross his path. Unfortunately, the young maiden Amethyst had just set off to worship at the goddess Diana’s temple. Diana knowing Bacchus’s plan turned the young maiden into a white statue of colorless quartz to save her from Bacchus’s wrath. When Bacchus realized what he had forced Diana to do, he cried tears of wine, staining the statue of Amethyst a beautiful purple.


    The origin myth of the amethyst is beautiful and tragic, like so many Greek legends. It is easy to paint a picture in your mind of the beautiful white quartz dappled with purple tears, the tears bleeding into the stone until it reaches a rich purple hue. And my jewelry-obsessed mind wonders, what shade of purple did those tears create exactly? Were there only a few tears, creating a pale lilac statue, the stone sometimes referred to as “The Rose of France”, or were his tears plentiful producing a deep purple amethyst with red flashes?


    It is February, and February is the month of amethysts in the jewelry world, so I decided to explore the myths and legends surrounding this stunning stone.


    A quartz, it rates a 7 on the Mohs scale and has a color ranging from palest lilac to deepest purple. A royal color, it has often been worn by the clergy and royalty and it can be seen in the crown jewels of Britain and Russia. And today most amethysts can be found in Brazil.


    This incredibly beautiful stone has wooed warriors, intellectuals and great monarchs. It is said the ancient Egyptians brought an amethyst stone into battle for protection, that Leonardo da Vinci considered the amethyst the seat of intelligence and a means of warding off evil, and that Catherine the Great prized the amethyst above all other stones.


    Each jewelry lover has her personal relationship with a stone, whether it is a fascination founded on a birthstone connection or the moment when one espied a perfect jewel. My fascination with amethysts began with a 1950’s cocktail ring centered by an amethyst that could be called nothing short of utterly charismatic.


    And as I look at amethyst today I wonder what stone began Catherine the Great’s fascination or Leonardo de Vinci’s, and it gives me pleasure to know that while the world moves forward there are some things that maintain their beauty and fascination from ancient Greece through my own personal history.

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