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  • The Heart

    With Valentine’s Day approach, how can I resist writing a blog about the heart?

    Antique Onyx Heart Earrings

    It is interesting that a human organ has come to symbolize so much more than its biological function.


    What is interesting too is how an organ, like the heart, has a visual symbol that looks like, but in no way mimics, the actual image of the heart.

    antique french earrings


    I love to see how true artists elevate a much used visual trope like the heart, imbuing it with beauty, ferocity and strength. Because at its best a heart can represent our better selves--our desire for passion, our love for another human being and our soul.

     Please enjoy some of my favorite Antique Hearts!

  • Piece of the Week: Butterfly Pin

    Isadoras Brooch, Dark Butterfly

    This brooch surprised me. Normally I appreciate butterfly jewelry but I don't fall for it like I do emeralds, old mine cut diamonds, bookmark chains, and odd animal jewelry. But this pin just kept growing on me. Maybe it is the muted grays of the agate, creating an almost moth like appearance. Maybe it is the subtle engraving on the metalwork. Or may it is the fact that the wings of the butterfly bow slightly as if to give the appearance of flight. Whatever it is, this little pin has definitely kept me in thrall and I love it more with each passing day.

    Please visit our website for more vintage butterfly jewelry!

  • 5 Pin-Worthy Statement Necklaces

    I used to hesitate when it came to wearing statement necklaces, thinking a large necklace required a large occasion. I have, of course, since changed my thinking. A statement necklace can be an everyday necklace, albeit an out-of-the-ordinary one. And I have found a large necklace gives me a lift. It gives me a sense of pleasure every time I look at it. In fact I now rush to wear the big, the bold, the beautiful.

    Here are just a couple striking antique necklaces I would love to add to my collection . . .

    Georgian Garnet Necklace Georgian Garnet 18KT Pendant

    Victorian Silver Locket & Bookmark Chain Victorian Silver Locket & Bookmark Chain

    Victorian Agate Necklace Victorian Agate Necklace

    Antique Black Beaded Ladies Watch Chain Antique Black Beaded Ladies Watch Chain

    Arts & Crafts Medallion Arts & Crafts Medallion

    Please visit our website for more antique necklaces!

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