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  • Seasonal Winter Bridal Inspiration

    I found this week's Sunday New York Times video blog to be such a thoughtful and inspiring take on a traditional wedding bouquet! Click on the image below to watch. 

    New York Times Winter Bridal Inspiration

    It made me think of many of our wonderful clients- people who take delight in uniqueness that is both expressive, as well as socially and environmentally conscious.

    Victorian moonstone earrings

    Wouldn't these incredible silver and gold Victorian Moonstone and Diamond Earrings pair beautifully with this bride?


  • Piece of the Week: Victorian Turquoise Earrings

    Victorian Turquoise Earrings

    New to the store, I have fallen for these Victorian yellow gold earrings. I am embarrassed to say I sort of overlooked these earrings when Isadora's owner decided to purchase them, noting the sweetness of the turquoise & seed pearl flowers but not taking the time to truly appreciate these fantastic earrings. But having looked at them for four or five days now, I have to say I was an idiot not to have noticed how amazing they were initially. These earrings have drama and statement value in their size; they have a rich antique beauty in the hue and finish of the gold; and they have a sweetness juxtaposed with exoticism that is truly riveting.

    Please visit our website for more beautiful Victorian Earrings!

  • The Jewelry of Downton Abby

    It is 16 days until the new season of Downton Abbey. And yes, we are anticipating all the plot twists and turns. But lets face it, we are jewelry fiends and what we are truly anticipating is the divine 1920's jewelry and clothing.


    So to celebrate, we are sharing just a couple of the authentic pieces in Isadora's Collection that we could envision on the sisters of Downton Abbey.

    Edwardian Aquamarian Pendant Necklace

    Antique Gold Locket

    Fine Estate Topaz Engagement Ring

    Art Deco Diamond Earrings

    Edwardian Diamond Filigree Ring

    Please visit our website for more beautiful antique jewelry!

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