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  • Divinely Beautiful, 7 Art Deco Diamond Engagement Rings

    The Art Deco era is a timelessly stylish and exquisitely beautiful jewelry era. Combining striking clean lines and beautiful diamonds, these nine Art Deco engagement rings are not to be missed.

    1. A Yellow Diamond


    An Art Deco engagement ring with a lemon yellow twist, this 2 carat Old European cut yellow diamond ring is pure decadent beauty.

    2. Rare Stones

    French Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

    Two rare and stunning diamond cuts are the Asscher Cut Diamond and the French Cut Diamond. This ring combines both with fantastic beauty.

    3. It's All About A Perfectly Unique Solitaire

    Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

    It is unusual to find a unique take on the solitaire engagement ring, but this handmade Art Deco ring does just that. It is centered by an exquisite 1.33 carat Old European cut diamond, accented by subtle engraving on the mounting of the ring.

    4. A Touch of Sapphire

    Diamond Filigree Engagement Ring

    Sapphires are a beautiful accent to a stunning diamond.  This Art Deco diamond filigree ring is particularly lovely with baguette cut sapphire accents. (And sapphires are a popular bridal stone as they symbolize fidelity.)

    5. There is Just Something About Filigree . . .

    1 carat Old Mine Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

    Popular since the Edwardian era, the filigree of the Art Deco era had an architectural bent to it that is delicate and sophisticated. This ring is particularly pretty, centered by a 1 carat old mine cut diamond.

    6. Transitional Cut Diamonds Make Me Swoon

    2ct Vintage Diamoind Engagement Ring

    Transitional Cut Diamonds (or American Cut Diamonds) were only cut for approximately ten years. Particularly gorgeous is this 2 carat stunner from the Art Deco era.

    7. The Beauty of Architecture

    Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring

    With bold geometry, this diamond engagement ring screams Art Deco. Dramatically beautiful, it is centered by a beautiful 1.32 carat transitional cut diamond.

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  • November's Birthstone, Citrine

    Vintage Citrine

    One of my very favorite stones is the citrine. Often found in light lemon yellow to deep whisky brown hues, it is a dynamically beautiful stone. Named in 1556 by a German metallurgist, it was previously referred to simply as yellow quartz and has been used in jewelry since 300 BC. Never out of fashion it found particular favor during Queen Victoria's reign, when she favored it for its beauty in Scottish jewelry and during the 1940's Retro Era when it centered the most amazing and fabulous cocktail rings.

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  • Statement Rings You Can't Resist

    vintage cocktail ring

    Whether you are looking for an alternative engagement ring or the perfect statement cocktail ring, we've got some  baubles you won't be able to resist.

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