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  • Pools of Light, Art Deco Glamour

    One of the most exquisite jewelry trends of the 1920's--Pools of Light.
    Pools of Light #isadoras #artdeco
    The end of World War I brought with it a desire for clean and modern lines in both clothing and jewelry. Simple, yet magical, Pools of Light necklaces became a very popular look during the Art Deco era.
    The beautiful quartz crystal beads take on the color of the fabric against which they rest and reflect other tones and hues in an almost magical manner.

    Chinese in origin, “Pools of Light” are composed of exquisite quartz crystal beads. Unusual and beautiful, the quartz crystal beads are not pierced, allowing the stones to capture the surrounding light and refract it in such a way that is seems to glow from within. The Chinese believed by leaving the stones un-drilled they kept the chi or spirit from escaping and one believes this when one sees the magic that are these magnificent stones.

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