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  • Topaz: December's Birthstone

    Named in honor of the Russian monarchy that valued and wore this beautiful stone, the Imperial Topaz is a fantastic gemstone with beautiful peach, pink, orange and champagne hues.
    The word “Topaz” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning fire.  And the stone does have a fire like quality.
    The ancient Egyptians believed that Ra, the Sun God is the one who gave Topaz its color.  And the topaz was therefore highly valued by the ancient Egyptians.  The Romans also believed it was the sun that gave the topaz its color.
    (Ra found here)
  • Marcasite Jewelry: A Sparkle for Every Season

    What stone was popular to the ancient Greeks, the Inca of Latin America, Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette and Queen Victoria? –Marcasite of course.  Okay, maybe not of course, but it’s true and kind of fantastic.

    Marcasite Jewelry #marcasite #isadoras #finecostume
    If you are one of the people asking what is marcasite?-- let me tell you.  After all spell check does not recognize the word marcasite despite the fact that it is a beautiful stone used in jewelry, well, almost forever.

    art-deco-marcasite-pin Mid Century Marcasite Silver Brooch

    Marcasite is a pyrite, otherwise know as iron disulphined (FeS2) and it is a beautiful, metallic, black colored stone, faceted and worn as jewelry.   Cut similar to a rose cut diamond, it typically has a flat bottom and a faceted almost pyramid shaped top.  And it is usually set in sterling silver, displaying an enchanting mystery and sparkle.

    art-deco-agate-marcasite-ring Art Deco Agate Marcasite Silver Ring

    Gaining popularity in the later half of the 18thcentury, marcasite replaced cut steel jewelry as the non diamond sparkle of choice as jewelers began using exquisite craftsmanship and invention to create the most beautiful and fantastic designs with this sparkling stone.

    vintage-marcasite-silver-ring Vintage Flower Motif Marcasite Silver Necklace

    Its popularity continued well into the Art Deco era where its sparkle gave wonderful life to the industrial lines of the Art Deco era.

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  • What to Buy Men?

    I’m married to what the Victorian’s would have termed a dandy and our contemporary society labels a Metro sexual.  He likes clothes.  He likes adornment.  He cares about how he looks and aesthetics.  And it is something I love about him. 

    Men's Vintage Amber Cufflinks
    But he has a beef with the fashion industry.  What about the men?  So many stores he walks into place such emphasis on women’s fashion that men feel nigh near excluded.  And jewelry stores are sometimes the worst.

    Vintage Sterling Silver Cufflinks
    But men have one thing women do not (Although women have on occasion fantastically appropriated it). 

    French 18KT Yellow Gold Cufflinks
    Men have cufflinks.  Sometimes classic, sometimes whimsical, sometimes downright droll, the cufflink is a chance for a man to preen his feathers and express himself.

    Art Deco Enamel Cufflinks
    Cufflinks are also an item that a man can collect, pass from father to son or receive on important anniversary, birthday or commencement.  It is an heirloom piece that can be worn for a lifetime or multi-generations lifetime when too often, in our disposable culture, clothing fashion seems to be cycling faster than a bullet train.

    1960's Vintage Omega Watch
    And of course there is always the classic men’s accessory, the perfect watch.  Whether it is a 1940’s Longines with a rectangular face, a Mid 20th Century Hamilton or that perfect 1960’s Omega a la John F. Kennedy a watch is always the perfect and classic men’s accessory, gift and heirloom piece.

    For more fantastic men's accessories please go to the Men's Section of our website.  Men's Accessories

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