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  • Mystic Perfume Bottle's

    Isadora's currently has some of the most exquisitely shaped Perfume Bottle's.  And given the inherent feature of perfume, from the conviction it gives its wearer to the indefinable impact it sometimes has on those around the wearer, it’s not surprising that perfume has long been kept in these mystically shaped bottles whose shapes seem to echo the mysterious properties of the fluids inside them. Whether it’s a surprisingly detailed hammered pocket size, slender Art Deco crystal, a robust Czechoslovakian bottle, a tiny lachrymatory, or a fabulously deck-out with paste stones, perfume bottles are designed to contain magic, which is only unleashed when the bottle is opened and a drop or two of the precious liquid is discreetly applied.

    These alluring bottles reminded so much of a fantastic novel by Tom Robbins entitled, "Jitterbug Perfume."   The major themes of the book include the striving for immortality, the meaning behind the sense of smell, individual expression, self-reliance, sex, love, and religion. Beets and the god Pan figure prominently. The novel is a self-described epic, with four distinct storylines, one set in 8th century Bohemia and three others in modern day New Orleans, Seattle, and Paris.  If you haven't read this book I highly suggest it.  I imagine the epic perfume described in this novel to be encased in an equally epic bottle.

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